You Don’t Need To Lose To Appreciate

You don't need to lose to appreciate

It’s time to see what makes you happy. To realize how much you laugh when you are together. It is time to realize all that it brings to you. Open your eyes to everything you have, don’t wait a minute longer, because tomorrow may be too late (or simply late), realize now that you don’t need to lose something to appreciate it.

The present time is the only real moment to take advantage of, so don’t wait yet to be grateful for everything you have, to enjoy every moment, to take advantage and squeeze the time. Do not run the risk of leaving it for tomorrow, in this sense, prudence has no reward.

Have the power to see at this exact moment what surrounds you, to appreciate it, to enjoy it because, alas, the people you love will one day leave, friends will stop being such, children will go their own way, work. it will cease, the holidays as well; sorry, but that’s it. For this reason, take the reins of your life in hand and live it to the fullest, make sure that what you have today remains etched forever in your memory, do not wait to lose all this to realize its importance.

You don’t need to miss opportunities to appreciate their value

Here is the magic of what they call happiness. You don’t need big things, you just need to make room in your consciousness for what you have today, here and now. Maybe tomorrow you will have the opportunity to do the same again, with the same people and with the same desire, but this is not a valid reason to let it slip away today.

Couple giving each other a kiss

Fall asleep every day with a good taste on your lips, what the day left you. Enjoy that feeling of peace emanating from having squeezed the time, from having drunk life. In this way, you will not need to lose anything to estimate its true value, because there is no better way to do it than to exploit it and enjoy it to the fullest.

The kisses you can give today, give them; say a thousand times “I love you” to those you appreciate, dedicate quality time to your loved ones, love as if it were the last day and enjoy everything that today offers you. Not tomorrow, but now. Rejoice and feel free to do so, because the value judgment of others has nothing to do with you, however much they borrow your name to give a subject to the sentence.

Appreciate everything you can say thank you for today

Leafing through the pages of the calendar thinking that the circumstances around you last forever, not realizing that the moment passes or believing that what you have today will also be there tomorrow, you miss the opportunity to reflect on what is important and on the emptiness that they leave behind the little things and the people who accompany you day after day.

You lose them, and you allow it to happen, because you believe you have the power to dominate time and adjust it to yourself, but it doesn’t. The curious fact is that you see farewells and farewells every day, but on a few occasions you stop to think about their meaning. With routine and haste, you bury the pain that could arise from reflection. “Now is not the time”, and the moment never comes, the times when you let reality express itself and manifest itself in you are rare, even if inside you suffer the effects when things get bad.

Girl with closed eyes

It is important to realize everything you have for a very simple reason. Knowing its value will help you enjoy it, generate memories, write a life you enjoy. Your. And it’s the little things that, deep down, have the potential to make you big. 

Don’t forget it. You don’t need to lose something to appreciate it …

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