YKS Preference Last Day: When will the YKS Preference Results be declared?

While the excited wait for the YKS Preference results continues, the candidates who have not yet completed their transactions, their period ends on August 5. With the completion of the selection processes, the University YKS result declaration date will be awaited.

YKS Preference Screen SYM AİS

When are the YKS preferences?

2022-YKS Higher Education Program and Quota Guide will be published by OSYM. 2022-YKS preference process started on July 27, 2022. Candidates will make their choice between July 27 to August 5 at osym.gov.tr.

When are the YKS Preference Results declared?

The YKS preference results are not yet given any date by OSYM but they will be accessible after the YKS preference process is over on 5th August. According to the information given in the guide, university registration will be held between 22-26 August 2022. Based on these dates, the result is expected to be declared in the second or third week of August.

How are YKS preferences created?

Candidates will create their YKS preferences with their TR ID number and password from SYM’s ais.osym.gov.tr ​​address or SYM Candidate Transaction Mobile Application as per rules in the guide.

There will be no selection process from the application centres. The merit list sent to SYM by mail or the merit list given by hand will not be valid. Candidates will be able to access the 2022-YKS Higher Education Program & Quota Guide, which will be available from the OSYM website.

YKS like to get expert advice

Higher Education Institute Examination (2022-YKS) selection process is starting from 27th July. Preferences expert Ergin Sarer made a statement to those who are curious about the priorities running through August 5.

“As a result of the 2022 YKS exam, the success ranking of students is lower than that of the previous year,” Sarr said. Since YKS is a ranking test, preference should be given to both associate and undergraduate programs in order of success.

Stating that the removal of threshold scores in the YKS greatly increased the number of students taking the test, preference expert Ergin Sarr said, “Before 2022, there were two types of thresholds in place in Turkey. The first is the succession limit applied in departments such as teaching, engineering, architecture, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and law. There has been no change in the limit of succession of departments whose quota has reached 160 thousand. Department-based boundaries continue, and there is no question that would change the direction of student preferences for these departments. The 150 and 180 thresholds, which were abolished, are a position that pertains to students who are further behind in the ranks of success. YKS is a ranking exam. Considering it as a train carriage, there is no change in the front wagons. Along with the removal of the choice threshold, new wagons have been added at the rear, but this is not a situation that will affect the front runners. ,

“YKS A Ranking Exam”

Noting that “the difficulty and ease of the test, the selectivity of the tests that make up the score type, the standard deviation, lengthening or shortening the duration of the test all affect the success of the exam,” said Ergin Sarer, preference specialist at Dozu University, ” This year, the duration of the TYT exam is 30 minutes more, the 2021 2022 exam is easier than the 2022 exam and students got higher marks especially because of the higher average in the maths test. This year, however, higher scores did not bring better achievement rankings. This is related to the fact that YKS is a ranking exam and the terms of each year differ from each other. Since YKS is a ranking test, we make selections in order of success in both associate’s and graduate programs. Because of the greater variability of scores, the OSYM does not set a score limit, but does set a breakthrough ordering threshold for certain departments, such as medicine and law. For example, this rule stipulates that candidates with rank 50 thousand and above can apply, not candidates with marks of 450 and above can apply in the medical department.

Speaking about the issues that candidates should focus on their priorities, Sarr used the following statements:

“While making a choice, candidates should establish a relationship between their interests, abilities and characteristics and the departments they choose. In addition, they should take care of choosing cities and universities where they can develop their university and While selecting the department, the basic features of the university like opening year of the department, graduation status, number of professors in the department, whether the department is recognized or not, DAP offered by the university, Erasmus connections and research abroad Apart from the opportunities for employment, other factors such as food and transportation should also be taken into account. For this year it is very valuable to take the help of preference advisors, apart from visiting universities and meeting with professors. While listing the preferences , after writing at a certain rate from the front of the success order, they should write twice as much as the previous lines. For example, a student in 100 thousand may return twice as much as he wrote when listing his priorities from 60 thousand. That is, he should bend back up to 180 thousand – 200 thousand. This year, especially in the selection of equal weighting type up to 200 thousand, more care should be taken and preference should be given to the wider category. Of course, there is no obligation to fill in all 24 priorities when making a choice, but making as many choices as possible can increase our chances of settling down. In particular, students after 10 lakhs in TYT exam and after 400-500 thousand in AYT exam are likely to be placed in a wider range of possible choices. However, it is important to prepare the preference list carefully, as it will be unhappy when the candidate writes this section that he does not like very much in the preference list, as well as cause a break in the success score of the school next year. Even when the candidate wins the last section in the preference list, it is pertinent to record and include those sections which will interest them. UAV

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