What Would You Say To Your “me” From 10 Years Ago If You Met Him?

What would you say to your "me" of 10 years ago if you met him?

Only you know what you have experienced, no one else. Sometimes the ideas seem to get tangled up in the head, greedy for explanations, for a sense of the experiences lived by your “I” of the past. But no matter how hard you try to answer, you can’t find the words, or you find explanations that only make you sadder.

Each of us would have preferred not to waste time with things that did not deserve it and to do others, carriers of more safety and happiness. We were much younger, much more naive and perhaps we were wasting the best years of our lives.

Our “I”, wiser and less inexperienced today, would tell us that those years are made to live and not to be squandered in activities, places or with people who, in the long run, do not bring us any benefit, they are indeed a total waste of precious time.

What would you say to your “me” from 10 years ago?

“If I had known 10 years ago …”, “How much time did I spend crying for something that was absolutely not worth it”, “How many things I have not seen because I was afraid, today I notice that lack”, “I feel the lack of memories of my past, kidnapped by fear, sadness, laziness, insecurity “.

I miss these pieces of the past. I should be more specific, refine episodic and semantic memory and reconstruct the memories of my “I”. Not to dream how it would go, but to know if I still have some time left to live them. If I had this opportunity, I would say to my “me”:

  • Turn off the television.

    Press the off button firmly and vigorously . If it stays off for as long as possible, you won’t learn anything from that silly box. Keep that button pressed, as you have to save your energy to seek and live true experiences. Buy a good computer and get an internet subscription; if you know how to use it, it is a good investment. Use social networks as a means to communicate, but don’t put too much of yourself into them, so they don’t put emotional pressure on you.

  • Play sports, walk among nature

    . I know that you have a lot to do, that you have a lot of commitments, but now that I look back, believe me: there is always time to be close to nature, alone or in company. Memories related to nature and animals are the most cherished.

doves flying
  • You may have doubts about certain things, but
    do not forget what you want or where you want to see yourself in a few years from now

    . Do what you can to make it possible. Fears steal dreams and hold them back for too long.

  • Use your money for things that make you feel good

    , but also that they are useful to you. What you spent on vices could be mistaken for good times. Work for what you find and gain perspective and experience, but without straying too far from the path marked by your values.

  • Do not fight for those who are not interested

    . Do not force situations, do not be distressed, do not get depressed if someone has not given you what you were looking for. Life has a thousand implications. If someone changes, think about giving them a second chance.

  • You will lose friends along the way

    , not because they will hurt you (maybe that too, but not only that), but because you will change and they too. Breaking the routine brings new people, more compatible with your way of life and feeling of the moment. Don’t dramatize it. Try to maintain cordial relations, because unsolved wars bring bitter moments.

  • Don’t worry about everything.

     You will realize which problems are solved and which are not, and you will be able to deal with them. Most of the catastrophes of anxious and fearful minds happen only in their imaginations.

  • Love your loved ones and show them

    , even if you are tired, even if you don’t have time. Your family, friends and colleagues will need you. Sometimes they’ll ask you, other times they’ll just show it. A friend present in time of need is a friend who will be remembered forever. A son who returns to take care of his mother fills the soul of the parents with the best feeling in the world. Try to be present during the birth of the new part of your family.

  • D.
    ate more hugs, be more sincere, but less combative

    . Do you know why people become more loving over time? Because at some point they feel the chills of accumulated loneliness and understand that adopting a detached attitude does nothing but create distance, certainly not respect.

  • Love and take care of yourself

    . Pamper yourself, try to feel better physically, but don’t forget that nothing dresses better and enhances features as much as confidence and calm. Change only to be comfortable with yourself, never to please others.

  • Do not make investments that you are not sure you can make

    . Save what you can and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

  • Do not doubt your wishes.

    Many will question your decisions or your lifestyle, but never repent, don’t think too much about things done if you really wanted to. There are millions of people you can influence, and they have to leave your life alone.

  • Read and write

    . There is no feeling like reading something we wrote years ago, it’s like having an emotional photograph of what we were like at a certain moment in life.

  • Stop being afraid and enjoy what you do.

    Travel, do some folly from time to time and surround yourself with people who are on the same wavelength as you: even if they are physically very different from you, they can have similar values.

  • There is nothing you cannot overcome,

    however difficult the circumstances of life are. Your “I” older than 10 years, who is still standing and still breathing, tells you this, despite everything. Set priorities, organize your time as best as possible and respect the times of rest and work, so as not to be hampered by secondary issues. The fruits of your future require a lot of concentration on your present.

The past that smacks of the future

You can’t change anything from the past, it’s already gone. You have to think that the past is something to be forgotten, but also to be learned from. It is in your head, in your spontaneous tears, in the path you have chosen, discarding all others.

girl walking

Exercises like this show you that you have learned more than you thought and that you are willing not to repeat the same mistakes, or at least to try. Your “I” of the future will bring you new dreams and advice to achieve what you want. Do you think you cannot fulfill the desires left hanging in the past? Do not forget that the advice to your past “I” is the wishes of your present “I”.

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