What Is Love For ?: Beautiful Song By Edith Piaf And Theo Sarapo

What is love for ?: beautiful piece by Edith Piaf and Theo Sarapo

What is love for? This is a question we have often asked ourselves, especially when we have just ended a relationship and find ourselves disappointed, abandoned and down in the dumps. After all that we have lived and shared with that person who still seems special and unique to us, loneliness can be devastating.

This situation is what pushes us to ask ourselves that question, which is formulated thanks to reason and which awakens the need to fully understand everything that has happened. We inculcate a concept in our mind, how love can be and, seen from the outside, it can seem like a real parody.

We see it perfectly represented in the music video of the song by Edith Piaf and Theo Sarapo, in which a caricature of love is presented. On the one hand, Edith Piaf represents the sensations, feelings and emotional adventures that remind us that love, and all that it implies, is worth living. The man, on the other hand, Theo Sarapo, represents uncertainty, reason, the need to understand, disorientation and the anguish of abandonment and loneliness. This is why he keeps asking himself: what is love for?

Edith piaf with Theo Sarapo

Love cannot be explained

Edith Piaf in the video represents the sentimental part and the first thing the singer says, after asking herself the fateful question “what is love for?”, Is that love cannot be explained, it is just like that and you can’t knows where it comes from. It comes as a surprise.

It is true that love has always been one of the protagonists of our life and there are many writers, philosophers and artists who have tried to explain it. In fact, love is also the protagonist in the entertainment world, in many cinematographic, musical, theatrical, literary works, etc. The alleged idea that is attributed to love has been represented in different forms and even if thousands of explanations can be given about it, nothing is able to convey this feeling 100%.

Much has been said about love and those who have experienced it know that it is something inexplicable. Love can only be transmitted through two hearts that love each other and that feel that tumult of emotions and for which the world becomes a casket of hopes, looks, intimate encounters and unique moments that will remain forever engraved in the soul.

Because we want to know what love is for

While knowing perfectly well that love cannot be explained, we continue to ask ourselves the same question: what is love for? Without a doubt, asking this question is our necessity and that is why we continue to reflect on it. However, the answer will always be subjective and limited, just like our thoughts. We will always try to understand what is by nature incomprehensible.

Reason plays a primary role in our life and when things go wrong in love, reason itself takes possession of us and this is what makes us suffer. We question everything we have experienced and experienced, reflecting on every past moment in which we could have acted or intervened in a different way. We complain about our naivety, our clumsiness and not being able to listen to our brains.

Reasoning about what we live through love is absurd. These are completely different energies and that is why, when we are truly carried away by love, everything becomes idyllic, wonderful and eternal. Love, in fact, has the quality of being eternal while it lasts …

Eternal love

Love is eternal

On the other hand, however, when it is lost, that love that was known before leaves a sweet taste of honey in the mouth. Love is eternal! “. This is what we see in the music video, it is the answer to the question that makes us wonder if love is happiness or if, instead, it is nothing but frustration. “Love serves to give us happiness with tears in our eyes … it is sad and wonderful”.

At the end of the video, we see what love is for, through an infinite number of promises we make to ourselves to preserve the illusion, while we live it, that it is something eternal.

We pass from one person to another; there must not be one person forever. Love is capricious, it has no master or explanation. It is an uncertainty, it is an expression of the soul, it is the most beautiful energy that pushes us to move, which holds all the sense that reminds us of what is worth living for.

If you are at a time in your life where you keep wondering what love is for, we invite you to watch this beautiful music video and also to remember that:

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