What If We Take Care Of Our Mental As Well As Physical Hygiene?

What if we took care of our mental as well as physical hygiene?

We are all aware of the importance of maintaining good physical health. Yet, we often forget an equally important part of ourselves: the mind . As you know, mental health also affects overall physical well-being. You have often heard that anxiety or worries, for example, can be somatized in the body. Doesn’t it seem necessary, therefore, to pay due attention to our mental hygiene as well?

To enjoy a healthy brain, first of all it is important to pay attention to some factors that often go unnoticed. In reality, identifying them is very easy, but for some reason we still continue to disregard them. Sooner or later, however, this kind of accomplice carelessness will cost us dearly. For this reason, you need to start taking care of your mental hygiene, putting into practice the advice that we will show you below.

Good mental hygiene translates into greater well-being

How much time do worries about the past and the future take up in your mind? And so, there is often hardly any room left in our heads for the present. Suddenly we realize that we have entered the autopilot. Meaningless days follow one after the other in the same way, and we even stop enjoying the little pleasures of life.

It is important to learn to practice totalizing attention, to focus on the here and now to escape from all those thoughts that can turn into obsessions. If you’ve ever experienced stress for a similar reason, you know what we’re talking about. But yesterday doesn’t matter, and tomorrow doesn’t matter either. Open your eyes to today and enjoy it.

In addition to this first aspect, there is another important one in our lives that you may not have yet paid due attention to. Do the relationships you have with others give you something or do they deprive you of something? Why do you give so much importance to someone who does not correspond to you? Try to be good people and make everyone happy, and then be rewarded with manipulation and suffering.

We propose this reflection: if you give everything for people who give you nothing, perhaps there will be no more time left to dedicate to the people who, on the other hand, deserve more. Think about the relationships you have. Sometimes we are afraid to make a decision, to say “our friendship / relationship ends here”, because we are afraid of losing everything we have invested so much in. But the truth is, it wasn’t worth it. If we could end those relationships, our mental health would be relieved and favored.

Get away from the pessimistic view of reality

It’s easy to opt for a pessimistic view of reality when everything goes wrong. But this is a symptom of low resilience and carries great risks: your happiness and your mental hygiene could be in danger. You must realize that not everything can only be read in one way. A dismissal or the breakup of a relationship can be considered a misfortune or an opportunity for growth. You choose which path you want to lead that fact back to.

Also, do you give yourself what you need? Taking care of yourself, pampering yourself, eating healthily , paying attention to how you areā€¦ these are certainly actions that you will have underestimated sometimes (or many times). Perhaps because you are so focused on others that you forget to think about yourself or perhaps because you sometimes let your happiness depend on others. This is a terrible mistake, which can lead you to see life in a very negative way. You come before others, and it’s not about selfishness. It is about loving and valuing yourself, without waiting for others to do it for you.

Certainly at some point in your life you will also have felt blocked, because you could not reach a goal. However, did you check that it was really reachable? Often we aim to achieve goals that, as much as we wish, are not achievable. Every goal we set ourselves must be realistic. Free yourself from impossible dreams that only generate frustration, anxiety and a feeling of worthlessness. It will be a very good decision for your mental health.

Have you realized how important good mental hygiene can be? And there are many other behaviors that can be good for you, such as eliminating expectations, stop racking your brains on issues that lead nowhere, avoid wanting to change people at all costs, and learn to manage your emotions.

We tend to complicate our life or blame it for everything that happens to us when, in reality, making it much simpler and more enjoyable is in our hands. Not everything is as bad as it sounds, not everything is as bad as we think. Clearing our minds of so many overestimated thoughts that prevent us from seeing clearly will allow us to achieve true well-being.

Images courtesy of Jessica Rimondi and Agata Wierzbecka

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