What Characteristics Of Men Attract Women?

What characteristics of men attract women?

Some men do not quite possess the beauty of Apollo, yet they are equally attractive to women. They grab attention wherever they go and always end up flirting with the prettiest or most popular. It’s not that they have more money or power, it’s just that they give off something attractive, something indescribable and irresistible.

Seduction experts claim that these men have three characteristics that make even the toughest ones fall at their feet. We now reveal the secrets of the not beautiful with more success.

1. The style and bearing

The way in which a man takes possession of the space around him and moves with ease in it conveys an unconscious message about himself. Men who have slow, calculated and confident gestures communicate, with their attitude, that they have everything under control. It is a style that conveys enough confidence to make a woman want to explore new levels in the relationship with this type of man.

The same is true for bearing: men who feel comfortable make use of their stature, regardless of whether they are very tall or very short. The tall ones adopt a kind of condescension in their gestures, which makes them look incredibly kind. The bass keeps the back straight, which gives them an extra elegance. They usually raise their chins when they speak, adopting a posture of a certain authority.

Either way, the appeal of these men is due to the confidence they project ; they carry a special aura that invites you to bond with them.

2. Touch

The word “touch” refers as much to the sense of perception through the skin, as to prudence and measure in words and actions. Successful non-handsome people have this very well developed sense, in both meanings.

Several studies have proven that physical contact, however minimal, unconsciously creates very strong bonds between people, both for good and for bad. A stranger pushing you on the bus is unlikely to be your friend. The one who asks for permission or who touches you lightly to let you pass will instead earn many points.

Experts argue that there is a point in the female body that is “politically correct,” which is a point that tactful men can touch without fear. This is the whole area around the elbows: if during a conversation the man touches this area for two or three seconds, a contact will be established that will make the woman feel good.

On the other hand, it is distinct if the man decides to touch his interlocutor on the back: this is more than anything else a masculine gesture, more properly used between men. It is also a gesture with a tinge of condescension or pity. Touching the hips is very daring, as is touching the hand. Let’s not talk about the shoulder: it is for mates of a football team.

3. The gestures of defense

Irresistible non-handsome people accept themselves, keeping fear under control, and are open to getting to know others; this is reflected in their gestures . You will never see them adopt defensive postures, such as crossing their arms during a conversation or putting their hands in their pockets while they are out and about. Both gestures are synonymous with insecurity and the need to hide.

The seducers we are talking about have become accustomed to exhibiting two gestures that distinguish them. Normally they look directly in the eye, they do not avoid the gaze. We recommend that you do not confuse this look with other cold and impressive ones, in which the man does not blink. The latter frighten the girls because they represent not security, but imposition.

The other characteristic gesture is a well-balanced smile: if they laugh too much, they will look stupid, if they laugh too little, they will remember a priest. Successful non-handsome people smile genuinely when something seems funny to them or when they want to be nice. They do it with suitable pauses, they take a few seconds to make this gesture. They thus appear to women as mysterious and fascinating.

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