Welcome To The Adventure Of Self-discovery

Welcome to the adventure of self-discovery

Christopher McCandless was a young American who decided to abandon everything he owned, including money, to go to Alaska and live in contact with nature, in search of the meaning of his life. And so began his exciting adventure, to discover himself.

If you want to find out more about its history and know how it ended, we recommend you watch the film Into the Wild , masterfully directed by Sean Penn, or read the book of the same name that inspired the film, written by Jon Krakauer.

Does this introduction mean that we should all flee to live in the woods, in the snow and in nature or in a steppe on the edge of the world to begin the adventure of discovering ourselves? Certainly not, although it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

This adventure, however, is made up of travels, escapes, long conversations and wonderful places that can change the way you perceive yourself as a person. But your destination is much closer than Alaska. The goal you are headed towards is your mind, your heart, your true “me”.

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The Adventure of Self-Discovery: Travel Preparations

The first stage of the wonderful world of self-discovery is perhaps the most difficult, because some muscles that we have never used have to get going, and it is not an easy task. Jean Piaget argues that If a person is intellectually passive, he will not be able to be free morally .

It is clear that getting up and starting to move is a complicated process. First of all, we must be aware of our immobility. Then, we have to convince ourselves of the need to embark on this journey. And finally, we have to pack the suitcase, with everything we might need along the way …

There are several preparations that we must not forget to start this adventure, because taking a journey to the deepest areas of ourselves means having no possibility of returning. The pillars at the base of our personal existence will be affected and it is essential to be ready.

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The adventure of self-discovery: embarking on the journey

We have taken the first step. We have finished the preparations and the journey begins. The panorama we face is fascinating and intriguing. Fears, dizziness and terror may appear, but it is best not to look back. The goal is worth it.

George Bernard Shaw argues that “ There are few people who think more than two or three times a year. I became famous all over the world because I think once or twice a week ”. Do not forget that you too will have to use the same method that this philosopher uses almost every day to train the mind.

But where does the journey begin? The answer to this question is very simple and complex at the same time. Your journey will begin with questions like “Who am I really?”, “Why am I here?”, “What do I want?”, “Where am I going?”

The adventure of self-discovery: towards unexplored paths

You prepared the crew and embarked on the journey. Now is the time to venture into unexplored paths. Walk towards that which you do not know and go deeper and deeper into the investigation of the reflection processes of your mind, the nature of your emotions and the reality of your feelings.

You will see that, as you advance along the paths that lead you towards your essence, the aphorism of Jean-Paul Sartre will become more and more true, who said “ My thought is me: this is why I cannot stop. I exist thanks to what I think … And I can’t help thinking .

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The beginning of the journey is always difficult. Detaching yourself from your comfortable existence to head aimlessly towards the abysses of your mind and heart will make you feel disoriented, and it will make you dizzy. Yet, as you advance, you will see that the path becomes clearer, brighter and easier to walk. Because your rationality and your emotions will begin to understand what are the processes that move them. This is precisely the discovery of oneself.

The Adventure of Self-Discovery: Getting to Your Destination

You will see that, slowly, reflecting will be less tiring. You have dusted off all the resources of your mind, and your heart is advancing with a steady step towards your essence. You can make your own the phrase that Marcus Aurelius once pronounced: “ The life of a man is what his thoughts make of it. Your thoughts are real and sincere.

Thanks to the adventure of self-discovery, you now know yourself better as a human being. Your situation in life, your desires and goals, the value of your emotions, your hopes and dreams, your ability to love your surroundings, be it nature, family, friends, companions, etc.

Know your limitations, your strengths and your weaknesses. You know who you are and what you want. The adventure of self-discovery has reached its goal, but it never ends: it is a journey that does not allow for return or rest. There will always be something new to find, a place to visit or a passion to discover. But you will be able to tell them apart, because now you know who you are and what you are really looking for.

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