Warning scenes against forest fires were prepared in the Mughals

Menteşe Municipality prepared warning and informational visuals for forest fires. Emphasizing that the Mughal as a province is a sensitive area against fire, the images drawn with the headline “Don’t darken your future, don’t go into the forest with fire” were emphasized, and It was reported that other than natural causes, the fire was mostly caused by carelessness or intentionally man-made causes.

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The following views of Mentes’ mayor, Bahtien Gumus, were included in images published on official social media accounts and on Mentesi Municipality’s website:

“The climate is changing and we are experiencing its effects, unfortunately, painfully. With climate change, rising temperatures, increased droughts and frequent heat waves trigger wildfires. In 2021, in the forest fire in Musla, 67 thousand hectares of forest area of ​​the entire state was destroyed.

We invite our citizens to beware of wildfires caused by both climate change and human-induced negligence in the summer season, when the weather warns against muggles for hot weather.

Visual Alert for the Holidays

Addressing the holidays in the images, “Let’s leave the environment clean and safe while leaving our forest areas like promenades and groves, where we come as guests. Let’s reach the healthier days of the future by preserving the ecological balance.

In addition to warning and informational visuals, including 112 emergency call center numbers, the open-air panels of the Municipality of Mentez, located at various points in the city, were also decorated with scenes of wildfires.

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