Victory And Defeat: What Do They Teach Us?

Any experience, positive or negative, is a starting point for learning. It constitutes a contact with reality and is able to generate knowledge.
Victory and Defeat: What Do They Teach Us?

Sometimes the path that led us to success or failure is more important, regardless of what the outcome was. Overcoming challenges and difficulties make us grow, and that is why every time we stumble, we should ask ourselves what victory and defeat have taught us. It is the only way to continue towards your goal.

Soichiro Honda had done a job interview for Toyota. The candidate’s profile had not convinced the company, which had decided to discard it. Years later he founded what became one of Toyota’s main competitors, giving it his name.

Did you know that Stephen King’s first novel was initially rejected by a great many publishing houses? After yet another refusal, he threw the manuscript in the trash. His wife picked it up and urged him to try again. Since that first failure, perseverance has led him to enormous success.

Another story is that of the athlete Teresa Perales and her neurological disease. Being confined to a wheelchair was no obstacle to her biggest dream, swimming. His sporting achievements today reflect the work and hard road he has faced.

There are many exemplary cases that invite us to continue to fight, to work, to discover what lies behind defeat and victory. Only in this way will we learn to continue without giving up.

Girl walks to overcome defeat.

What foundation keeps me going?

Let’s see the main sources of energy against adversity:

  • Willpower. It is not magic, it is not expensive, it does not require electricity. Yet, it is our greatest treasure, the engine that drives us to move forward and is powered solely by our thoughts.
  • Company. Surrounding us with people who encourage us, who cheer us on when we are without strength and redirect us on the right path. People who are ready to support us when we fall or who support us in our climb.
  • Remembering the milestones. Each milestone reached was preceded by many steps, compromises that allowed us to reach the goal. Identifying the key points, what we have lost and what we could have done better is a starting point for learning.
  • Feeding on defeats. Each defeat implies a change and becomes an opportunity to work harder, set our intelligence in motion or turn our luck in our favor.
  • Mind centered on the goal. If we want to go to a place but we don’t know the way, we only set the arrival address in the GPS. The same must happen with our mind. We need to focus on our goal, without being distracted by dysfunctional thoughts, possible obstacles, fears and anxieties. Even if we will find them along the way, we will only have to think about the arrival.
Girl with flower in her hand.

Victory and defeat: we just have to learn

Visualize the future, the place you want to be. How do you feel? Are you satisfied with the goal achieved? Do you think that in a few years you will remember this moment and regret not having continued to try? These questions can help you on your way.

What does all this teach us? That every challenge sends a message, every obstacle hides a challenge. In the short term it may be difficult to see it, overcome the negativity of unsuccessful attempts. But, with our eyes fixed on the horizon, failures are only a starting point for what we will become.

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