Uri Geller And The Collective Scam

Uri Geller is a magician who has created a mystical aura around him. He knows how attention works and relies on his suggestive abilities. Added to this is a powerful marketing strategy that ends up convincing everyone to see what doesn’t exist.
Uri Geller and the collective scam

Uri Geller’s name was very popular in the 1970s. At that time, what was later called the New Age philosophy began to take shape. The audience was very receptive to all supernatural phenomena. In fact, many were passionate about these phenomena, so the paranormal was in trend.

Uri Geller took advantage of this situation. His was one of the biggest collective scams. Thousands, if not millions, of people around the world have believed in his powers  and made him a hugely successful millionaire. In fact, it still has fans in various parts of the world today.

Sometimes it is difficult to explain why one person can fool so many. While Uri Geller is one of the most notorious scammers, he is not the only one to have unleashed this epidemic of unsubstantiated beliefs.  There are many religious leaders, politicians or simple merchants who have swindled or continue to swindle millions of people. And among their fans there are not only low-educated people. How is it possible?

Who is Uri Geller?

Uri Geller was born in Tel Aviv (Israel) in 1946.  According to what he says, at the age of 4 he saw a powerful ray of light in the sky that hit him, invested him with energy and passed out. He thought that what happened was an encounter with extraterrestrials. After that, he went into the house and folded a spoon he had in his hands during lunch.

Uri Geller

His family moved to Cyprus when Uri was 11, where he lived until he was 17. He later joined the Israeli army and became a paratrooper. He took part in the Six Day War and was wounded in the field. He then worked as a model  for a year.

Later, he began to be a magician in small nightclubs in Israel. In a short time he became  famous and legends began to spread about him. Unlike other wizards, Uri Geller claimed to possess psychic powers. In particular, his ability to bend spoons, even at a distance, and to speed up or stop the hands of clocks became famous.

A celebrity

In a short time Uri Geller became a celebrity. Hundreds of TV shows from around the world wanted him as a guest. In each of them he repeated the number of spoons bent and hands moved on command. To all this he added the telepathic “gifts”. He would ask the assistants to draw something and then he would reproduce them without having seen the original drawing.

They were all fascinated by him, to the point that,  according to declassified CIA documents, Uri Geller was invited by the American spy agency to test his powers. They locked him in a strong room and asked him to reproduce the drawings made thousands of miles away by some agents. They determined that he actually had paranormal powers and worked for the CIA.

Uri geller on television

However,  there was someone who didn’t believe him. This was the magician and illusionist James Randi.  The co-founder and member of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSICOP), an organization dedicated to debunking the myths of pseudoscience and exposing cheaters.

Randi has always said that the spoon trick is simple and even a child can do it. What distinguishes Geller from this baby is the marketing strategy that ends up creating a collective illusion.

Scam revealed

In 1973, thanks to James Randi, Uri Geller was invited to the Johnny Carson television program. Randi challenged him to make his repertoire under different conditions than usual. First of all, he couldn’t use his spoons, but he was given more. He couldn’t even decide who should do the drawing and then guess it.

Uri Geller was unable to show his alleged paranormal powers. He did not bend spoons or guess the drawings. He said he was feeling extreme pressure and that this had blocked his powers. He later sued Randi, who in turn filed a counter-suit that won many years later.

Uri geller with spoon

This was not the only time Geller’s powers shone through their absence. On one occasion he said he would stop Big Ben, but that wasn’t true. He said the same thing about the clock in the Puerta de Sol square in Madrid, and that didn’t happen either.

Despite this, many people around the world continue to believe in him, still present on television and ready to reiterate that he possesses great supernatural powers.

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