Unforgettable Quotes From Gianni Rodari

His stories for children, rich in values ​​and meanings, accompanied the childhood of all of us. So here are some quotes from Gianni Rodari to remember.
Unforgettable quotes from Gianni Rodari

Almost all of Gianni Rodari’s quotes are aimed at children or about them. This much loved writer, pedagogue and journalist was fond of the phenomena of the imagination. With his work he has managed to give life to the inexhaustible fantastic and truthful vein that the little ones possess. Its language, its characters and its descriptions accompany the education of thousands of children every year, and not only in Italy.

Like many of his contemporaries, Rodari (1920 – 1980) lived the terrible experience of the Second World War on his own skin. He lost one of his brothers and many close friends to the dramatic conflict. And, in those hard years, he carried out a notable activity as a journalist.

The quotes by Gianni Rodari reflect one of its great virtues: originality. He cultivated children’s literature with great care. His 1973 Grammar of Fantasy has become a true classic. He is still remembered today as a man who knew how to understand the child’s mind and who did everything to re-evaluate it. We present some of his most significant aphorisms.

Quotes by Gianni Rodari

The crying and laughter of children

In many of Gianni Rodari’s quotes, the profile of a sensitive educator who does everything to defend and respect children appears. But which is also the bearer of a new, modern, intelligent education. Able to protect their sensitivity and awaken a healthy passion for knowledge. An education, in other words, more humane.

His position on this point is summarized by the first of the sentences that we will show you in this article. Rodari writes: “Is it worth it for a child to learn by crying what he can learn by laughing? If we put together the tears shed in the five continents due to the spelling, we would obtain a waterfall to be exploited for the production of electricity. “

A call for an education that is neither restrictive nor severe. Academic discipline does not have to hurt.

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The best gifts

A simple but profound topic is that of gifts. Often this theme is present in the works and phrases of Gianni Rodari. On this point, the Piedmontese writer and pedagogist states: “The best gifts are not bought, they are made”.

Nowadays we often find ourselves giving too many gifts. It only takes a few clicks to solve this problem of formalities with relatives and friends. But where did the feelings go? This way of doing, perhaps, favors a passive compliance with the protocol of the most commercial parties. At the same time, it empties gifts of their deepest value: the authenticity of the affection that motivates them.

Make a mistake

Error is a universal argument. It has motivated various reflections throughout history. Gianni Rodari’s vision in this regard is nothing short of fabulous. One of his quotes reads: “Mistakes are necessary, useful as bread and often also beautiful: for example the tower of Pisa”.

Certainly a nice way to face the problem of human wandering. Not only does it point out that mistakes are useful, it also shows that they can offer something unexpected, unique and beautiful. A warning, therefore, not to be ashamed of your mistakes, but rather to look for something positive in them.

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What’s in your heart?

Fantasy is the axis of Gianni Rodari’s thought and literary work. It is no coincidence that when he pauses to reflect on the human being, he says: “In our hearts we all have a knight full of courage, always ready to get back on the journey”.

It is a way to emphasize that inside each of us, that dreamy child is still alive, gives wings to his imagination and wants to embark on great adventures, full of noble purposes. In reality, therefore, the work of this writer is an invitation to get back in touch with that inner hero who, despite the passage of time and the trials of life, is still alive in some corner of our heart.

The true value of fantasy in Gianni Rodari’s quotes

In every poem, in every story, he defends the crucial importance of imagination and fantasy. One of Gianni Rodari’s most famous phrases reads precisely: “ Fantasy is not a big bad wolf of which one should be afraid, or a crime to be constantly pursued with meticulous patrolling. […] Fantasy plays between the real and the imaginary, on a swing that I consider very instructive, indeed, even indispensable to take possession of reality to the full, remodeling it “.

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Many times people are simply “forced” to be rational. And even children are often required to stick to the facts. It seems that imagining more is a threat, but in reality it is an inexhaustible source of wealth. In fact, every fantasy also has a great fund of truth. Refusing it or diminishing it is equivalent to amputating one of the most precious parts of our being.

All of Gianni Rodari’s quotes are profound and inspiring. All his work is a tribute to childhood. It is not addressed only to those who are small in age, by birth date, but also and above all to the inner child who lives in each of you. In a world that is often dry and not very sensitive to the true priorities of the human being, his sentences acquire a new and comforting meaning.

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