Unabomber: From Mathematician To Murderer

Unabomber: from mathematician to murderer

Ted Kaczynski is said to be one of the brightest minds right now. However, between 1976 and 1995, it sent 16 home-made bombs to protest technological progress. Also known as the  Unabomber, he took part in a Harvard experiment on CIA-funded psychological control, the MK Ultra.

Since 1996, Ted Kaczynski has been serving his sentence in a high-security penitentiary in Colorado. From here he entertains an intense epistolary activity with which he spreads his ideas, the same ones that he collected in his Manifesto  The industrial society and its future.  This work was published in the New York Times a year before his capture in a desperate attempt by the FBI to get someone to identify him. Let’s see how a Harvard experiment turned a mathematician into the Unabomber.

The strategy was a success and after more than 20 years of investigation, 3 dead and 11 injured, Kaczynski was sentenced. However, his ideals do not falter and this Harvard mathematician and philosopher continues to pass on his sophisticated ideology to the world. It must be said that all of his letters are saved and analyzed at the University of Michigan, as is his famous manifesto, which has been translated into several languages ​​and remains a fascinating material for the psychological, economic and sociological community.

It was in 2003 that an unknown aspect about Kaczynski came to light. Historian Alston Chase has published an illuminating investigation, which explains that this brilliant terrorist and mathematician took part in a nearly 3-year Harvard experiment,  MK Ultra.

Unabomber as a young man

A Harvard and Unabomber experiment

It took the FBI more than 20 years to find this terrorist who, patiently over time, placed 16 bombs as he continued his studies. They called it  Unabomber for its methodology, for its precise objectives : “University and Airline Bomber” (Terrorist of universities and airlines).

The story goes that it was one of the most expensive investigations in the United States and that only with the arrival of a brilliant criminologist, agent James R. Fitzgerald, did Kaczynski himself see his nemesis follow in his footsteps. be caught. When the general public learned the name behind all these acts, they were amazed.

Nobody understood why a Harvard math teacher, who had received multiple awards and honors, had become a criminal.

Schizophrenia, paranoia, antisocial personality disorder… For several years these were the explanations given, in order to reassure the population and offer a reason for something that could not be understood. However, in 2003 various reports began to be published which once again surprised everyone who was still interested in the Unabomber case .

Theodore Kaczynski at Harvard

Theodore Kaczynski arrived at Harvard University when he was just over 15. He was a gifted child, but emotionally vulnerable and still too young to face what was about to happen to him. The CIA was carrying out its mind control program using the most varied techniques for this purpose: substance administration, hypnosis, electric shock and the most sophisticated psychological techniques.

This experiment lasted almost 3 years and Kaczynski was one of the subjects, as he was easily manipulated due to his young age and his high IQ.

Did a Harvard experiment influence his subsequent criminal behavior?

Was it a Harvard experiment that planted the antisocial and reactive seed in him that culminated in the construction of bombs aimed at attacking progress and technology? We cannot speak of a cause and effect relationship. In reality, there  are many causes that have shaped this behavior.

Kaczynski was a very gifted child who never adapted to any scenario.  He was always the youngest student in the class, that boy who went to college while still a teenager and who had to face abuse, contempt, mockery and a government program, which far from giving him some academic benefit, traumatized him.

The theory that this philosopher and mathematician ended up developing is that technology, far from being a facilitating factor, goes against humanity itself. According to him, people are enslaved to all these technological advances, entities manipulated by a consumer society in which we have lost the ability to choose.

The Unabomber series

After leaving the university where he had worked as a teacher, Kaczynski built a cabin in the woods near Lincoln to live like a hermit. It was there that he shaped his ideas, wrote his manifesto with an old typewriter and made sophisticated bombs with which he killed 3 people.

To this day, his figure continues to inspire books and television series. He is already 75 years old, but they say his mind is more active than ever and persists in his determination, in his personal revolution: to end the techno-industrial society.

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