Truck hit 4 vehicles: 3 killed, 3 injured

TIR driver Yusuf Kanसेevi, heading towards Istanbul at about 03.30 am at the Yeसिलilayla location of the TEM highway, lost his steering control on the road due to construction work and fell into lane 2.

The truck collided with cars led by Baitullah Sewim and Yusuf Erkan, and was hit by trucks led by Sedat Tunak and Selim Sadiq going in the same direction.

Ayaz Mehmet Erkan (16), Wahid Gojde Erkan (26) and Jiku Erkan (14) lost their lives in Yusuf Erkan’s car that got stuck between trucks in the accident.

The injured Sedat Tunak, Yusuf Erkan and Farouk Abbasoglu were taken by ambulance to Sakarya Handek State Hospital and treated. (UAV)

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