Traffic accident in Aksaray: 1 dead

Ismail Akkok, who lives in the Netherlands and had come to his hometown of Akshara for the holidays, went to Gaziantep to meet his friend Erdem Yikasap, who lives in the same country and had come to the country on vacation like him.

Then both the friends left to come to Akshara. The car, under the direction of Ismail Akkok, went out of control on 11th Boulevard in Hurriyat Mahlesi at around 04:00 and rammed into an electric pole on the side of the road.

The pole fell on top of the car due to a strong impact. Police, health and fire brigade vehicles were sent to the area on the information of nearby people.

Two people trapped in the vehicle were rescued with the intervention of firefighters and taken to Aksharai Training and Research Hospital.

Erdem yikasap, whose health condition was critical, died despite all the intervention of doctors.

It is learned that Ismail Akkok’s life is in danger. It was said that Erdem Yikasap’s body would be handed over to his relatives for burial in Gaziantep after the autopsy. (DHA)

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