Tour of Turkey at the U18 European Basketball Championship!

On the third day of the FIBA ​​U18 European Basketball Championship, hosted by Izmir, Turkey defeated Germany 68–64 in Group B to advance to the next round.

Germany won the first period of the match played at the Mustafa Kemal Sports Hall 21-14. In the second period of the face-off, the teams entered the locker room with a 39–39 draw. Although the Nationals lost 8 points 59–51 in the third period, they left Hall in the final quarter with a win with their dominant game: 68–64.

Turkey will fight for the quarter-finals against Great Britain on Wednesday, 3 August, finishing the group in second place.

Hall: Mustafa Kemal Ataturki

Referees: Radomir Vojinovic (Montenegro), Ivar Metzek (Czech), Alessandro Perciavel (Italy)

Turkey: Tan Yildizoglu 10, Ere Buyukkangz 5, Kerem Konan 21, Burke Buyuktunsel 11, Samet Yistoglu 6, Arda Sivas 3, Karhan Efeoglu 2, Ozgur Kengiz, Hamza Mestoglu 10, Efe Demiral

ALMANYA: Machowski 6, Onijiaka 15, Brockhoff 16, NDI, Grunloh 4, Hartmann 3, Nonfon 2, Lidtke, Wolf 10, Schulte 8, Rapiec

First period: 14-21

First half: 39-39

Third period: 51-59

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