TMMOB: Allegations of putting Mulla in the dark are not true

The TMMOB Chamber of Electrical Engineers and TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers prepared a report by examining the current situation against the works undertaken for new mining activities in Mugla.

In the press statement given by TMMOB, it was stated that if the lignite-fired power plants at Mughla cease their production, it is claimed that there will be major cuts in the Mughla and Aegean region and the region will be plunged into darkness, such Not true.

The given statement is as follows:

After shortage of coal in coalfields of existing power plants, new owners of old public power plants from 3 privatized lignite in Mugla have started intensive work on opening of newly opened and closed coalfields in the area. Turns out they would be out for a while.

For years, these companies assumed that their carbon emissions and environmental damage from sloppy open pit mining would be forgotten. At any cost, including the destruction of the natural environment, tourism, eco-tourism, agro-tourism potential, including the area as a living space, forest wealth, olive groves, agricultural land, historical and cultural artifacts, its architecture, he Tried to create a deep plebiscite to generate more electricity and double his earnings.

If coal cannot be supplied to the Yenikoy, Kemerkoy and Yatasan lignite power plants, these power plants will stop their production, and in this case, there will be prolonged power cuts in the Musala and Aegean region, the region in the dark. Will surrender, etc. , He tried to impress the public with allegation-laden disaster scenarios.

citizens’ protest

Local structures built by citizens that protect their forests, parks, history, production and living spaces are resisting demolition plans and efforts.

Energy in general, electrical energy in particular; It is one of the main work areas of the Chamber of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and the members of the Chamber. Our Chambers as specialist organizations have conducted many researches and published reports on these issues over the years.

In the study titled “Places of Yenikoy, Kemerkoy and Yatasan Thermal Power Plants in Electricity Generation and Interconnected Systems in the Context of Countrywide and the Aegean Region”, prepared by the Energy Working Groups and Commissions of our Chambers and attached to this statement , Installed electricity, annual electricity consumption and output of Turkey and then the Aegean region, the country’s immediate maximum electric energy requirement (peak demand) for 2021 are examined, new power plant projects in the Aegean region are discussed , Interconnect System and Mugla field investigations are carried out, preliminary assessment is made about the mining activities designed by the power plant owning companies to supply the coal to be burned by the power plants.

supply exceeds demand

The conclusions we arrived at in the light of these evaluations are expressed in the Conclusions section of the report as follows:

Our country has a strong power generation and transmission infrastructure. The installed capacity is at a level that can easily meet the immediate maximum requirement. The annual generation capacity of power plants is much higher than the actual annual consumption. In the Aegean region, as in our country, supply (production) capacity exceeds actual demand (consumption). However, power plant investment in the region continues unabated, especially from renewable resources.

Energy supply throughout the country is managed by TEİAŞ Load Despatch Directorate. The Aegean region is connected to other regions by an interconnected system. It has the opportunity to exchange substantial electrical energy with other regions.

Not negatively affected even when turned off

The settlement centers within the area are also interconnected by interconnected systems. The area, if required, may be fed with capacity in the country and/or region under the management of TEİAŞ Load Despatch Directorate based on production/consumption balance.

The information and data contained in this study, if the Yatasan, Yenikoy and Kemerkoy Thermal Power Plants in Musala stop or terminate their electricity generation, assess the situation in terms of both annual total consumption, peak demand and operating capacity. will be done in of electricity grid system. It states that this province, the Aegean region and Turkey will not adversely affect the interconnected system.

We hope that our views, which we have expressed in this study in the interests of the nation, the public and society, and which we will express in future studies that deal with these issues in a more comprehensive and thorough manner, will be of public responsibility. Will be taken into consideration by the individuals and organizations concerned.

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