Time Spent With Cats Is Never A Waste Of Time

Time spent with cats is never wasted

“Time spent with cats is never a waste of time”

(Sigmund Freud)

This sentence, uttered by the father of psychoanalysis, tells us something that perhaps many of us already knew. Such an everyday thing, like spending time with our cats, can become a very comforting therapy.

A clear example comes from Japan. Here, the cat figure is incredibly admired and respected. They are a symbol of good luck and this is one of the reasons why the Japanese are the pioneers of those centers called “cat shops”, now existing all over the world.

They were the first to create the “cat bar”, which opened in Taiwan in 1998. The purpose? It is very simple: Japan is a very industrialized and work-oriented country ; the working days are very intense and it is common for the population to suffer from stress and some lack and emotional need with which to let off steam.

Petting a cat is a cathartic act: it regulates stress, improves cardiovascular health, revitalizes the mind and offers a sincere opportunity to express affection and let yourself be conquered by one of the most fascinating animals that humans have ever tamed (or perhaps has been the cat to domesticate man, we do not know).

Today we will project ourselves into feline psychology, trying to understand a little more deeply what these animals can offer.

An attractive beauty, a captivating personality

Cats, unlike dogs, do not belong to anyone but themselves. And that’s not all: we are the ones who are conquered by their art, by the preponderance of their sibylline charm; it is a love that does not live on dependence, but on absolute fidelity.

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Whole encyclopedias could be written about feline psychology. The first thing that is said about cats is that they are selfish and independent ; in fact, that’s not entirely true. This is why their nature arouses so much interest in us.

The cat loves us, respects us and defends us as if we belonged to his family. He is possessive about his spaces, his habits and even his masters. Nonetheless, he knows how to keep his distance very well, without ever bothering or completely depending on us.

He loves our displays of affection and our flattery ; he always seeks our tenderness, but, at a certain point, he demands that there are limits and he goes away to enhance his refined elegance and independence.

The light in their eyes or peaceful snoring may grab our attention, but what we really like about cats is their personality.

Cats are great meditators

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We live in a world full of unnecessary priorities, which take us away from the really important things like sunlight, tranquility, our well-being, loved ones, etc.

We surround ourselves with tricks, with futile problems, we accumulate objects and we lose sight of the importance of our wealth of experiences, of life, of emotions.

For cats, the world has the right rhythm. Life is calm, punctuated by moments of rest in the sun, by afternoons on the sofa next to us, by small excursions to learn and browse around. They are wise creatures who open their gaze to the world as if it were a window full of light and hope.

Cats are said to be great connoisseurs of the yoga world – they can spend long hours meditating in front of a window or a pool of water. What truths will their senses perceive? What realities will humans escape?

In just over a second, they go from the stillness of their world and their introspection to action. They move from the dimension of reflection to that of activity in such a rapid way that they leave us in awe and breathless.

In everything they do, they have all six senses perfectly awake ; yes, cats do not have five senses, but six, since their intuition, their ability to touch us deeply, is a virtue that only they possess.

It’s not just crazy people who own cats

Who said all crazy people own hundreds of cats? Cats are wise and serene creatures, which enrich life, simplify it and intensify it for all those who wish to experience life with an animal with such a personality.

They are ideal for children and the elderly, they are faithful companions for quiet afternoons and moments of relaxation in bed and excellent roommates from whom to learn something every day.

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Cats are sovereign of themselves, with their own ideas above everything … Even people are their possession.

(John Dingman)

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