Those Who Have Magic In Themselves Need No Tricks

Those who have magic in themselves need no tricks

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trick to paint what he wanted and Charles Chaplin didn’t even have to speak to conquer the whole world.

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knowing is knowing who we are and showing ourselves as such : without filters, masks or superficiality. Because who has

in itself it needs no tricks.

Be natural, neither imperfect nor perfect

The other day I came across a post published by Michelle Jenner on the alleged perfection that is constantly required of us, and that we often demand of ourselves. We shave, spend hours in clothing stores, put on makeup and look at ourselves countless times in the mirror, as if looking for something that we are not really.


After that, we go out on the street and believe that the only thing that matters is how we appear to others, so we strive to “live up to it”. Yet none of us are perfect or imperfect. It is through our essence that we create bonds with others, it determines the complicity and differences between one and the other.

For this reason, a natural and honest behavior will allow us to fully savor life, leading us to entertain longer and deeper relationships. Defects appear sooner or later, so it is better to love them from the beginning.

She is crazy, but she is magic

You have probably heard this phrase before, but what you may not know is that it was uttered by another genius, Bukowski. There is no lie in his fire, he went on. What the writer was trying to convey to us is the same concept dealt with in the previous paragraph: whoever gives himself to others without thinking about how he does it, is a real person and that’s why he likes it.

Bukowski’s “madwoman” is the one who gives herself while remaining true to herself, without any kind of distortion. She is the one who understands that the true results of life are found in the simplicity of knowing what she feels and how she wants to feel it.

The same goes for the spontaneity of children: why does it affect us? Because they are able to put heart and soul into everything they do, they build their friendships without relying on prejudice, they are innocent and they are much more surprised than adults. Besides, they don’t know what the sense of ridicule is, and above all, they are sincere.

There are those who become magical without ever realizing it

There are friends who do everything to make us grow, without ever stopping us. Just think of all the occasions when others save us without being aware of it.


They are the simplicity and magic of those who offer everything they have without asking for anything in return, the aspects with which it would really be worth enriching their lives, rather than false appearances synonymous with failure. Sooner or later, in life we ​​are all amazed to have discovered a side of a person that we did not expect.

For all these reasons, real wealth comes from choosing to surround yourself with people who know they can be magic and they are, who don’t need tricks to show themselves in the face of others. It is no coincidence, therefore, that they say that the beauty of dispassionate and reciprocal relationships is the fact of ignoring which of the two is lucky enough to know who, and this can only happen if there is sincerity.

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