They threw kilos of Taskopru garlic in the dustbin

The cultivation of Taköprü garlic is still in progress, registered by the European Union (EU) with a Geographical Indication. About 4 thousand families earn economic income from the cultivation of garlic, which is called “white gold”.

Due to the nutritional value it contains, Taşköprü garlic, whose weight reaches 100 lira during the pandemic period and is in great demand, has an average of 40 lira buyers in the garlic market this year.

On the one hand, the demand for Taskopru garlic increased, on the other hand, for unknown reason, about 600 kilograms of Taskopru garlic were dumped in the Inonu neighborhood of Kastamonu. Taşköprü garlic, which was thrown into a sack and openly dumped in a garbage container, caused a reaction from nearby citizens. After some time the officials of the Directorate of Cleanliness Works of Kastamonu Municipality emptied the dustbin. (UAV)

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