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Fraudsters, who coaxed members for money with the promise of selling bicycles and electric motorcycles cheaply and making money through an internet portal built in Balikesir, shut down the site and duped thousands of people. The message sent by scammers, “We cheated you. It’s our responsibility, we apologise,” drove citizens crazy.

He cheated 25 thousand people and sent a message of apology

According to the information received, Internet The front company, which had promised to make purchases such as bicycles and electric motorcycles on its platform above and thus earn money, shut down the system and proceeded to receive money from more than 25 thousand people in the name of participation in the system. Disappeared later. ,
One citizen who did not want to give his name, who suffered after his system was shut down, was a front company. BalikesirI raided his office

The angry citizen could not slow down and ransacked everything that was left, including windows and doors, in the abandoned office. The angry citizen, who said he had spoken to the business owner and agreed that he would pay for the damages, said, “I woke up in the morning, and when I woke up, they sent a message that said, ‘ We have cheated you, it is our responsibility, we are sorry’. I got very angry this morning too. I bought it at a shop whose address I already knew. I broke down everywhere. I banged it. Was worth it till the end. I have no regrets. We talked to the shop owner and gave his nod. He has nothing to do with these issues.”

“Free Bread is in the Rat’s Trap”

Explaining that scammers give good hopes to people and cheat people, the citizen said, “The face of the cheaters is such that the man cheats you, you go to beat the man, the man cheats you again.” He has such a chin. Get well soon for all the scammers in Balikesir and other cities. Around a hundred people came here. If I hadn’t done this, someone else would have done it.”

Explaining how the fraudsters work, the aggrieved citizen said, “For example, you buy a cycle from the site. You buy a bike for 3 thousand TL for a year. Then you withdraw the principal within 20 days. this money is already Dollar arrives in your account.

In the remaining 10 days, you start making profit. 3 thousand TL comes to your account on monthly basis. But it has taught us a great lesson. The police brother here also said this. ‘Free food is only in a mousetrap’. This has been a great lesson for me and 25,000 people.” (UAV)

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