There Is No Pillow More Comfortable Than A Clear Conscience

There is no pillow more comfortable than a clear conscience

Having positive thoughts, intentions and behaviors on our conscience gives us the opportunity to sleep peacefully. On the other hand, envy, anger, lying and deceit are, without a doubt, the best thieves of good dreams and positive emotions.

Enjoying a clear conscience is like owning a good compass, as it helps us keep north. If we use our decision-making skills well, we can keep the right path in our life.

Keep away from the negativity of certain people, keep your integrity

There are people who apparently help us, but in reality they do everything possible to hinder our path. Others, on the other hand, specialize in making us feel bad, in making us feel guilty, or in making us think we are selfish.

When we feel this is happening to us, we need to evaluate our relationships very well, weighing what the consequences of our feelings are and paying particular attention to balance the scales.

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The pleasure of sleeping with a clear conscience

Sometimes others misbehave with us, but if we pay them back with the same coin, the only thing we do is fuel chaos and emotional decay. If we practice the “eye for an eye”, the world will remain blind.

However, making mistakes is not the same as doing wrong with the intention of hurting or hindering others. We need to differentiate these concepts; sometimes the troubles we make make us  feel ashamed or sad when, in reality, we shouldn’t feel guilty.

In this way, we can say that  our consciousness is present in all aspects of life  and that we can take care of it in any situation or moment, however complicated it may be.

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The world needs examples, not opinions

Many times it doesn’t matter what people do, as much as what they don’t do or don’t feel.  We have a surprising tendency to justify ourselves with words, which we try to fill with meaningless meanings, making our opinions not only vain, but also clouded.

It is useless to pretend to preach values ​​such as humility or sincerity, what is really necessary is to stop behaving in a haughty, false or hypocritical way. Of course, using words can help protect us from frustration, but it doesn’t free us from the reality of our bad deeds.

When we offer an excuse that has not been asked of us, what we do is show our guilt. In truth, if we think about it well, the fault does not have to be real for it to torment us, it is enough to feel a certain responsibility for what happened.

To be able to free ourselves from it and rest, we must also apply an inner work process that allows us to forgive ourselves for everything we have or have not done and for everything we feel or stop feeling.

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