The winds are blowing instead of the National Garden

CHP Adana deputy Dr. Muzeyen Sevakin said the land at Adana 5 Okak Stadium, which was demolished a year ago on the grounds that a People’s Garden would be built in its place, remained in the middle.

Stating that the historic Adana 5 Ocaque Stadium, which was put into service in 1938, was demolished for no reason, and that the ‘People’s Garden’, which was built instead of Adana’s sports memory, read did not go, and the President was met. Erdogan asked the people of Adana to keep his promise.

Sevakin noted the following: “Those who share this project, which claims to have 3,550 meters of walkways and 942 meters of cycle paths, are silent. The stadium site was gathering dust in the heat of Adana. The ground was dug up. The pits are full of mud and foul smell. It has identified the area where the disease has been invited.

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The company that won the 43 lakh 44 thousand lira tender for Adana Nation Garden did not hit a single nail. The same company won the construction of the Nations Garden, which will be built in 2021 instead of the Girsan Ataturk Stadium, at a cost of 28.4 million TL and it did not work out. It was reported that the company declared bankruptcy.

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