The ‘test without appointment’ riot in Gaziantep: either tail or death

Following the news that the SÖZCÜ reflected the examination of those who entered the examination queue, as they could not get an appointment due to the government’s wrong health policies, some measures were taken at the Inayat Topkuoglu Hospital in Goluus District, where the queue was experienced. happened.

In this regard, the process of registration of patients who were earlier at 7 pm started at 6 pm.

Thus, the length of the outer tail was reduced. It was announced that two new personnel were appointed to speed up the registration process.

In addition, triage exercise was started to direct the patients to the respective departments to prevent overcrowding.

Syrian patients are not acceptable

Hospital officials said that low-income families and citizens of Akin villages in the region benefit from Inayat Topkuoglu Hospital, and stressed that services other than emergency are not provided to Syrian patients because SGK does not pay.

The officials also emphasized that the dental unit would be moved to a social facility allotted by Sehitkamil Municipality to provide better service, and from there the vacant space would be used for services in various branches.

What do I do in the hospital if I wait a month?

Citizens who entered the exam queue with morning lights on complained that they were not getting time from Gaziantep University Hospital and other state hospitals and said:

* I immediately called a commercial taxi and went to the hospital. I went urgent. The man tells me, ‘You have one date in a month’.

* He gives me an appointment only after a month. If it’s not urgent, what am I doing there? If I come in a month, it means I have nothing.

* He says there is no need to go to the hospital for a month or wait for death at home. Most of them are women, old people. Most of them don’t even have an appointment. The queue goes to the other side.

Sometimes we come at 5 in the morning

Saying that he sometimes has to come for the exam at 5 in the morning, another patient’s relative while waiting in line for the exam for 2 hours said that after waiting for 1-2 hours doctors examined him and said, “We come here because there are no appointments in other hospitals. Other hospitals offer longer appointments. We like this place too. We finish early. Doctors are not bad either. They have good doctors. Especially internal medicine doctor Mehmet Akif Sahin. I don’t know if pediatricians have changed,” he said.

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