The terror of extortion in Istanbul! When the driver protested, he shouted ‘press on the head’

The incident took place on Wednesday night in front of a site located in Buyuksekms Ataturk district. Ayhan Bashkapili, who came to the site with his car, wanted to park his car in the parking lot, but could not find a place.

After this, 3 suspects who came with their car surrounded Behkekapili, who again went out on the road. Suspects with pistols from the waist tried to get the driver out of the vehicle. At Gardenador’s resistance, a suspect began to shout, “Put on his head.”

Ayhan Bashkapili, who could no longer resist, got out of his car. The accused fled from the spot after taking possession of the car. While Bahkekapili went to the police station and complained, the incidents were mirrored on security cameras.

When our neighbor opposes, his head should be bowed

Bahkekapili’s neighbor Ibrahim Tekin described the event as follows:

He comes to the parking lot at night and goes out when he does not find a place. As he came out, he saw the suspects. He has a luxury car. Meanwhile these people are following you. He comes and parks the car here.

3 people in ski masks come to him. The gunmen shout “Give me the keys”. Our neighbor is also struggling a bit. No matter how much he protests, in the end he gives up.

The happiest thing is that no one gets hurt. They put a gun to his head and took the vehicle. Suspect waiting in another vehicle shouts “head squeeze” when our neighbor protests (DHA)

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