The Strength And Limits Of Love

The strength and limits of love

“I love how love loves.

I know no other reason to love you than to love you.

What do you want me to tell you besides telling you that I love you,

if what I want to tell you is that I love you? “

Fernando Pessoa

It’s not easy to define romance. It was an artistic and literary school, but also an attitude of man towards life, and especially love. What is clear is that romanticism has crossed different eras and fashions in a transversal way. Nowadays, in all the pragmatism we live in, there continue to be a large number of people who look at reality through a deep and romantic gaze.

This aspect is more easily found in the field of couples. Not surprisingly, the love between a man and a woman has always been renamed “romantic love”. This would have no relevance except for the fact that in this perspective the affects are idealized and, over time, one is led to suffer great disappointments.

In this article, we will tell you about those myths about romantic love that ultimately prevent you from being happy in your life as a couple.

Myths about the power of love

There is the idea that love can do anything and that it is enough to achieve anything. Unfortunately, however, this rarely happens. Love as a couple, like all human feelings, has very specific limits and abilities. Love cannot do everything.

Supporting this myth can be harmful in many cases, such as when we believe we are able to change another person through love. Of course it can affect the behavior of each of us in some way, but the truth is that a couple relationship cannot change the ultimate essence of anyone. At best, it can help smooth the edges of our being.

Love by itself is not even capable of overcoming every obstacle, nor of tolerating all errors, nor of forgiving all offenses. As great as love is, there are limits that cannot be transgressed. If respect, tolerance and the ability to communicate are not included in that love, it is easy for the bond between two people to persist more than the feeling as such.


Myths about the supernaturality of love

Many times we tend to speak of love as something that goes beyond the natural, almost touching a connotation of magic. There is talk of destiny or predestination, of an inexplicable chemistry, of the only true love of life, of eternity and infinity that most of the time, however, are limited to remain simple words.

There are people who prefer to see love through the aura of the supernatural. They see it as an incomprehensible force, entering our lives without knowing how or why, turning everything it touches into gold. This ideal of love represents such a strong desire that it hardly manages to take root in earthly relationships.

They say that if they have always encountered difficulties in the life of a couple, it is because the person in question was not their “soul mate”. They say that it should not be sought, but that it will arrive by itself without any effort, as if everything had already been written.

The contrast between an imperfect relationship made of flesh and blood and the relationship idealized by romantics is very strong. Of course, the real relationship will always be defeated. How could one compare a “here and now” made up of imperfections, clashes and bad smells, with a “later” in which harmony and happiness exist?

In reality, the loser is ultimately the one who seeks in reality something that can exist only and exclusively in the inflamed imagination of romanticism. In fact, he will do nothing but break down in his attempt to find the perfect partner and total harmony.

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