The Story Of The Lion And Its Reflection

The story of the lion and its reflection

This is a good story with a moral, one that will make you think about how you can deal with your problems and take the dreaded first step necessary to get rid of them.

You have certainly experienced moments in which a problem has turned into the air you breathed, the food you ate, the clothes you wore … Your whole life revolved around that inconvenience, present hour after hour in your thoughts and emotions. .

Then read the story of the lion:

Once upon a time there was a lion who lived in a desert. Here the wind blew strongly and, therefore, the water of the ponds from which all the animals usually drank, was always in motion. Powerful gusts of wind rippled the crystalline surface, preventing it from reflecting its surroundings.

One day, the lion went into the woods where he used to hunt and, in his spare time, even play, until suddenly he felt tired and thirsty. While looking for a drink, he came to a pond that contained the coolest, most inviting, and most satisfying water imaginable.

So, the lion went to the pond, craned his neck and tried to take a long drink of water. Suddenly, however, he saw his own reflection and was frightened, thinking it was another lion standing in front of him.

“I bet this water belongs to another lion, it’s better if I leave here immediately without making a sound”, thought the animal. Slowly, he retraced his steps, but soon thirst brought him back to the pond. Then he saw again the head of a frightening lion and its thick mane staring back at it from the surface of the water.

The lion crouched down, waiting for the most opportune moment to scare “the other lion”. As he always did to mark his territory or to signal his presence, he opened his jaws and let out a terrifying roar. However, as was to be expected, as soon as he showed his sharp canines, the “other lion’s” mouth also fell open. All this appeared to our lion as a horrible and dangerous vision.

The lion kept moving away from the pond, but then took courage, went back to the water and relived the same experience. Despite this, after a while, the lion was so thirsty and desperate that he decided to drink: “Lion or not, I’ll drink from that pond!” As soon as he plunged his face into the water… the other lion disappeared!

Fear, anxiety and depression take little time to appear when a problem arises. There seems to be nothing that can be done to reverse the situation and find a solution. You feel paralyzed and you don’t know how to act. You certainly know this feeling.

It is true that, at times, it is useful to move away from the problem a little, to distance yourself and ask for help, but it is also true that it is very difficult to make a decision.

One of the key points in finding a solution to problems is striving to “take the first step”. You will then decide, once on the road, how to continue. However, without climbing the first step, you will never get to the top of the staircase. It is normal that when you are facing a project and you still have a lot to do, fears and insecurities multiply.

When this is the case, opportunities must be created and they cannot be expected to fall from the sky. Above all, it is important to eliminate all psychological difficulties and obstacles that do not allow you to move forward.

Think about how many times the real problem is just not knowing how to deal with it. It is normal to be afraid, to want to circumvent the situation, to wish with all your soul that things would change or improve, etc. However, fear is a big obstacle that only makes it worse.

It will seem easy to write or read and not so easy to put into practice. But maybe it’s time to become a little more lion and understand the difference between trying and making up your mind. When we just try, it’s easier to back down, when we have doubts, it’s more likely to fail. But when we act and see the changes, we feel capable of moving forward and taking another step, climbing another step.

You choose how to deal with the problem. Are you ready to be the kings of the jungle?

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