The Secret Lies In The Will

The secret is in the will

Most of the things we accomplish in life are achieved through will and effort, not luck. When we complain about the misfortune that afflicts us, we do nothing but waste time, without thinking that perhaps the secret lies in being motivated. With hope and hard work, we can make many dreams come true. Perhaps this is the magic formula.

 “How unfortunate I am! To others everything is always fine! Do they want a job? They get it. Don’t they study? Promoted anyway … nothing like that ever happens to me. With my bad luck, I never get anything like I would like. By now I’m bored, I’m tired of always having everything against. Why is this happening to me? Why was luck so unfairly distributed and all the misfortune befell me? Maybe it’s not a question of luck. Perhaps it is a question of wanting it ”.

Does this speech sound familiar to you? Do you identify with these words? Maybe right now you are laughing and thinking “these are exactly the same speeches I do when I see everything black and I am invaded by negative thoughts that lead me nowhere”.

It may be that you have taken the wrong path or that you are not seeing things for what they are. Complaining and gloating about the negative aspects of life doesn’t do much good. Perhaps what you need is some clarity to get out of the dark tunnel you have ended up in. Perhaps the secret lies in the will.

We can reach anything, even touch the sky with a finger


Everything can be achieved, even touching the sky with a finger. Obstacles do not exist when there is will and hope. There are no insurmountable obstacles if we are motivated and pass this motivation on to others.

We are often led to believe that behind the goals of others there is only a great stroke of luck, that chance was on their side. This may be partly true, but it is certainly not the only element at stake.

If we take a lottery win as an example, it would probably do no good to believe that it can be obtained with will and effort: it would be a waste of time. However, there are many things that depend on us, at least to a large extent. So why don’t we build our dreams on the basis of the will?

Four contexts in which the key to success is will

The will, the passion, the motivation are three key elements for the pursuit of our dreams. Successes and victories do not come by chance, but with commitment and dedication made of constancy and effort. Here are four situations in everyday life that mainly revolve around the will:

  • A good relationship as a couple. Its success will not only depend on you, but also on your partner. Have you ever wondered if your relationship is not working precisely because you have not understood that love is a team effort? Don’t you think that with will you could become the partner you have always wanted? The dedication to the other is essential for a couple to work.
  • Be successful in studies. Some people need more time to learn than others, this is true, but when it comes to study, the one who wants can achieve more than the one who can. There are those who are smarter and those who are less, but with willpower and desire anyone can succeed in studying. Everyone can become what they want, the secret is in wanting to.
  • Get your dream job. Of course it’s not easy at all. We often stand still halfway to getting our ideal job. But as with many other aspects of life, make sure you don’t have to say the phrase: “maybe, if I kept trying…”. If you fight for your dream job, it will come sooner or later.
  • Be happy. Happiness is an attitude. They repeat this phrase to us especially in certain contexts, such as when a loved one is in the hospital or when he has left us. Yet, even in the worst of times we can find peace and happiness: just accept things as they come.

The secret is in wanting… never lose it! Be constant in your efforts, fall to the ground, but stand up. Learn from every mistake, every stone in your path. Respond to regain strength and energy, but continue on the path of your dreams.

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