The Present Is Made Of Past And Future

The present is made up of past and future

Time is so ephemeral that this line you are reading has already transformed into the past; the future is what I imagine as I think about what to write.

So what are we left with? The present.

The past is what we have been

The past time is important to know our mistakes and our goals. Thinking about the past is essential to understand our present.

Our path needs to make sense and knowing where we come from is essential to understand where we are going.

Analyzing what we have done and making comparisons with the present helps us to create a narrative thread that tells our life.


Without memories, we would be nobody. Even emotional memory, the one that is based on memories, which we are unable to describe clearly except by saying that it is made up of sensations, is fundamental to understanding who we are.

The bad thing is to live constantly anchored to negative memories. As if by analyzing them again and again we could change the ending of things that cannot change by now. These are the thoughts that answer the question: “what would have happened if…?”.

It is important to externalize the malaise that such questions arouse in us and that paralyze our present and our future. The past is based on our language, it is the story we tell ourselves.

Perhaps if these negative thoughts are constant in our life, it is good to contact a psychologist to help us find the resources to analyze the way we interact with ourselves.

The future is the sum of moments

Future tense is what we project of our world. Thinking about the future is essential for making decisions and planning our next steps.

The future also needs to make sense and knowing, more or less clearly, what our goals are is important to act in the present.

Planning our strategies and setting future-oriented goals motivates us to carry out actions whose results we will not immediately see.

The journey is made up of small steps towards our destiny. This prompts us to be constant and persistent in achieving a future benefit.

The future, however, is a double-edged sword. There are so many things in life that we cannot control, in fact trying too hard makes us anxious people and constantly looking for advance explanations.

If we get lost in the future, we navigate the waters of what has not yet been written.

Living in the present means being here and now

The time we live is in front of our eyes, we can touch it with our hands and modify it with our actions and our decisions.


Living in the present means being here and now, making the most of living in the present moment.

All we do now, after reading this article, for example, is our present. Its influence is so powerful that it allows us to change our future with our decisions or to bury or make sense of our past.

The present is made up of all the possibilities we have at our disposal and those we choose.

Denying the present means becoming paralyzed for fear of the future and its imagined consequences or immobilized by past experiences.

Obviously, everything must be evaluated, but we must not allow our present to be influenced too much by the future and the past.

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