The Positive Sides Of Finding The Child In Us

The positive sides of finding the child in us

Among the qualities we must admire in children are their infinite creative abilities.

Give a child a piece of wood and in a few minutes he will have transformed it into a fun toy with his imagination. The piece of wood has not changed in the eyes of an adult, but for the child it could be a car, the goods of a shop, a house, a telephone, a tire, the running of a car.

The virtues of childhood

Tell a child a story and he can imagine it in his mind as if he were watching a movie.

His immense creativity will allow him to think of being in the place where the story is set and will imagine the characters, the scene, the sounds, the colors, the smells.

Bring a child into a group of other unknown children and after a few minutes he will be enjoying playing with them as if they have known each other for a very long time. Children are creatures in continuous development and for this reason they dream, imagine, create, ask, invent ..

How we have destroyed the child in us

As we begin to grow, we gradually forget about the beautiful and wonderful things that made us happy in childhood. We stop asking questions because adults know everything. We stop dreaming because adults have to keep their feet on the ground. We begin to judge people and, for this, we carefully choose our friends.

Once we are out of childhood, we grow up without trust.

If an idea is different from what we think, then it is wrong. No matter how good it looks to us, if it doesn’t fit our parameters, it’s simply unacceptable; it is more important to destroy a different idea in time, rather than that it can change the way we see things and think. 

A closed mind does not know pleasure

Bringing our inner child back to life does not mean being immature, but simply giving oneself the opportunity to appreciate life with a more open perspective.

Try this the next time you meet someone with different ideas than yours. More than once you will be surprised to realize that that person who seems so different from you can leave you with positive thoughts that will make you reflect on your existence.

Get to know new places and appreciate them, like when you were little, like when you went with your parents to places that seemed fascinating to you. You will realize that you can go countless times to the same place and always find new interesting things every time you visit it.

Awaken the child in you and rediscover all the wonderful things that characterize that stage of life so full of spontaneity, happiness and fullness, that we should never forget once we become adults.

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