The patient he was treating tried to attack the doctor with a stone.

The incident took place in the emergency room of Sanliurfa Training and Research Hospital. Emergency medicine specialist doctor César Eref, who was on duty at the hospital, said that a patient who allegedly treated him and sent him to the emergency room, claiming that he was not given adequate care, and that he had taken emergency care. Raid the room. stone in his hand.

It’s at risk from social media

Doctor Eref, who shared his concern about the death of the patient he treated on his social media account, said, “The patient I treated with my own hands raided the emergency room to stone me hit. What did we do to deserve it?” she asked. Doctor Eref, who said he treated the patient with his own hands, said, “I didn’t say a single bad word, it was done by someone I’d used eye drops for.” and explained the situation one by one. I have no health left to give to anyone,” he rebelled.

“I locked myself in the doctor’s room”

Describing that the patient returned after leaving with a stone in his hand, Aref said;

*After the patient comes out, he comes to buy a stone and kill me because I don’t care enough for him. While I was treating another patient, another doctor picked up a stone to kill my friend. A patient has been blocked by a relative.

* The same day he came to the emergency room twice and threatened and threatened to kill him. He said he would kill me, if he didn’t find me, he would kill another doctor. He was taken into custody, released as his action remained in the attempt. He came to the emergency room again.

*Now I am waiting when it will come again. I lock myself in the doctor’s room because I am afraid of dying. I am asking you, what should I do as a doctor of this country? Am I waiting to die?

“You don’t have”

* He is not being tried as a prisoner because he didn’t hit my head and I didn’t die or get injured. Although it was said that the man did not come to the emergency room and that he may be addicted, neither substance nor alcohol was tested.

*So you are homeless. That’s all I think. I am very sad, very angry. These people have dashed my hopes for this country.

* My doctor of 11 years, I have never been so sad, so hurt and so scared. I don’t want to do anything anymore.

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