The Magic Of Being A Woman After 40

The magic of being a woman after 40

We no longer have the appearance of when we were 20, because the stones we encountered on our path have shaped our body.  Our looks are accomplices, because they were formed after years and years, allowing us to handle the art of loving our children, our partners, our family and our friends.

We accumulate experience and youth perfectly,  and for this we dominate the art of our essence, adding life to the years we have enjoyed and those that still remain to us.

Because a woman over 40 leaves her mark where she walks, becoming the master of her steps. She treads hard on the ground, transmits self-confidence and has achieved an emotional and personal stability and balance that hypnotize.

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More than 40 puffs of fresh air …

The 40 and 50 years are a peculiar moment, because we are between two generations that highlight the ephemeral of life, so we realize that we must enjoy it to the fullest and that we must reconcile our worlds. Stop worrying about what happened and what will happen and start enjoying what is happening now.

From the age of 40 we understand that every person we meet has a role. Some people test us, others use us, there is no lack of those who love us and teach us something; but the people who really matter are the ones who bring out the best in us. They are and will be uncommon and extraordinary people who will remind you that it was really worth it.

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The magic of the moment

Many women over 40 have found themselves in complicated situations. They have been rejected and denied by society. They have experienced betrayals and deceptions that have matured them. They could feel the pain of dishonoring separations, abandonment and contempt on their skin.

They forged themselves in the midst of battle and were wounded by the most unexpected arrows.  They have taken on the burden of life and, for this, they have developed a seventh sense, which allows them to go much further, to be peaceful and to reconcile with life.

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Often jokingly it is said that at twenty you can be attractive, at 30 seductresses, but only at 40 you can be irresistible. This is the result of a perfect mix of experience and youth.

Somehow, women over 40 have taken a huge step forward in the search for love, because they love themselves much more than they did ten years ago. 

Don’t forget women …

You have the years that allow you to look at life calmly, but with the interest to continue growing. Now is the time when love can be fiery or peaceful and quiet. When you can fearlessly cry out your fears and do what you want even if you are afraid of failure. Today you can love, accept and embrace each other, because the years have transformed you into a much fuller person, much more “you”. 

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