The Importance Of Unplugging

The importance of unplugging

In the era of globalization, unplugging from routine and above all from your work seems an impossible task. Finding a balance between the time we dedicate to work and the free time we have at our disposal perhaps seems irrelevant.

Irrelevant in the sense that we don’t spend enough time to think explicitly on this topic. However, not doing so is the sure cause of a build-up of stress which, in the long term, turns into anxiety, with worrying effects on our health.

Paradoxically, when we get too attached to work, we sabotage our own life. If the mind is tired, it is also less active and less performing. For this reason, the more we work, the less results we get. Frustration increases and we postpone the time to make important decisions or we are less and less confident.

Despite this, it is not only important to disconnect from work, but also from the technological bombardment that hits us every day. Nowadays, we have a different idea of ​​social relationships, which creates the false need to always be connected. That need to always be available awakens a certain insecurity in people when, for some reason, they have to separate from their electronic devices. It is for this reason that this behavior can affect our emotional well-being.


Disconnect from new technologies

Few are really aware of the importance of free time. Unless we are experts in the art of relaxation, our work takes place immersed in levels of greater or lesser tension. For this reason, it  is important to better organize your work time and dedicate some time to rest. Otherwise, work can become a real addiction and, like all addictions, it will end up having negative consequences. For this reason, it is important to know how to switch off.

New technologies have made our communication and information flow easier and better, but they have also contributed to deteriorating our quality of life and our health. This, in fact, is the conclusion reached by many studies conducted both in the medical and psychological areas.

It is obvious that instant communication is a huge benefit, but it is also a form of slavery. New technologies, and especially social networks, absorb us and make it even more difficult to establish a limit between personal and working life.

Our health and our work

From the point of view of our health, the typical symptoms of an urgent need to switch off include: chronic fatigue, lack of energy and exhaustion. Our concentration is reduced and all these deficiencies translate, as a whole, into a worse performance of the activities we carry out. People who find themselves in this situation tend to somatize their psychological state in the form of dermatological problems, gastrointestinal diseases or persistent headaches.

In these cases, the only effective remedy to solve these problems is rest. Free time is the perfect scenario to disconnect from work and engage in activities that help us relax and are stimulating for the brain. To understand if the time has come to unplug a little, you need to start analyzing your sleep habits, that is to understand if you respect the quantity and quality of recommended sleep hours.


By improving this aspect, your life will immediately take a new course and you will be back on track in no time. Both psychologically and physically, the benefits are enormous, as you will suffer less stress buildup and put a stop to exhaustion that harms your health. In other words, you will be able to recover your energy and all your resources, which will help you improve your performance in the working and social world.

In one’s life it is essential to have free time to devote to rest, fun and to do all the activities we like. Feeding only routine activities harms one’s creativity and predisposes us to have a negative reaction to any extra effort.

Tips for unplugging

To be able to unplug, you can follow these tips:

  • Laughter and absolute fun must be at the top of the to-do list. These are the key ingredients to bring out the best in you. Working during the time that should be given to rest can give you a false sense of productivity, but in reality it only drains your creativity, your motivation and your energy.
  • Work and leisure are equally important. The economic crisis that has hit many countries helps to spread the fear of losing one’s job and this leads us to work more and more. Despite this, you need to put a limit on the time you dedicate to work. This is why the extra time you spend working needs to be compensated for with free time on weekends.
  • You have to learn to delegate certain tasks and prioritize certain activities. Especially when you are in a managerial position, it is up to you to trust your team. Otherwise, you will end up taking on a workload that is difficult to bear in the long term. It is therefore important to plan your rest time, especially if you are away from home.
  • To be able to better enjoy your free time, it is better not to carry devices such as your mobile phone or computer, which would only ruin it. Only when the mind frees itself from pressures and excess work can it create freely. It is also at this moment that the ideas are clearer and that you enjoy greater peace of mind to be able to solve any problem.

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