The heat raised his blood pressure and ruptured his aorta.

Muharram Deligos (32), a patient suffering from hypertension in Kaharamanmaras, whose blood pressure rose in extreme heat and resulted in ruptured aorta, went on to life with early intervention.

The heat raised his blood pressure and ruptured his aorta.

Muharram Deligos, who worked in a company, had applied to Pazarsik State Hospital complaining of excessive sweating, chest and back pain. Deligos, who were found to have ruptured the aortic vessel in the examinations performed here, kahramanmaras He was transferred to Sütçü mam University Health Practice and Research Hospital. Deligos, who was operated upon here, recovered after treatment.

Cardiovascular Surgery Faculty Member Assoc. Doctor. Mehmet Kirisky said that Deligos was at very high risk of dying from a vascular rupture and that he miraculously survived.

’32 years is too young to wreck a ship’

Noting that the rupture of aortic vessel in a 32-year-old man is very rare and he has faced such a case for the first time, Assoc. Doctor. Kirişci said, “In examinations, we saw that the main aortic vessel was completely torn, from where the heart exits the groin, and blood was clinging around a membrane like a thin onion membrane. Since the closed method There is a high risk of open surgery with ASD; we closed the ruptured vessel by entering it through the groin and using a specially made stent graft.

Thus, our patient clings to life again. Of course, it is very rare for a 32-year-old man to face such a situation. because of vascular rupture; It is a condition in which the vascular structure deteriorates and we face it in later ages. The main reason for the inclusion of this patient is a history of hypertension.

blood pressure disease; This can occur in a variety of conditions such as cerebral hemorrhage, vascular rupture, and the formation of severe distress tables. your trigger; Given that they have high blood pressure, these patients should definitely take care of themselves when the temperature is so high.”

‘Don’t go out in hot weather unless absolutely necessary’

Stating that blood pressure patients should not go out especially in very hot weather, Assoc. Doctor. Kirişci notes that otherwise Muharram delegates may experience similar health problems.

Reminding that not everyone is lucky and fatal pictures can be encountered, Assoc. Doctor. Kirişci said, “Patients with blood pressure should not go out unnecessarily between 11.00 and 17.00 in the summer months, especially in July, August and September; they should definitely check with their doctor about the things they eat and drink.” Take them, preferably liquid supplements, on time and as often as needed.

Temperature-related complications can be serious and life-threatening. So patients with blood pressure should take their medicines without any interruption. If this is not enough, we recommend that you consult with your doctor and reschedule your medication.”

‘What I experienced is due to carelessness’

On the other hand, Muharram Deligos said that he is very happy to have his health back. Expressing that he immediately went to the hospital when he became ill, Deligos explained his experiences as follows:

“The doctors said that one of my veins had ruptured and the other had dilated due to the increase in blood pressure due to hot weather. He said that my condition is very serious and has never been seen before and I need immediate intervention. They brought me here by ambulance from the Pazarsyk State Hospital. I am fine now, thank goodness I have pain sometimes.

The doctor says that this too will take some time and it has been kept under observation. I think it is due to carelessness. Because being a patient of blood pressure, we need to be a little more careful in the summer season and use the medicines properly. (DHA)

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