The first metro is coming to the west side of Istanbul: action has been taken for the Sefkoy-Tuyap metro

For the Sefaköy-Beylikdüzü-Tüyap metro line to be built by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Rail Systems Department, the decision was made in 2017 to “do not require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)” on the application made by IMM. previous administration period. However, the tender for the metro line has not been done till date and the construction work has not even started. Following the decision to “do not require an EIA”, modifications were made to the metro route, station points, names and line lengths during the new management period. Next, the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change was asked whether the 2017 “EIA is not required” decision is valid.

The validity of the decision expires if construction does not begin

As per the relevant regulation, the ministry said that if the investment cannot be initiated within 5 years without any force majeure event, the decision will lose its validity. It was also stated that it would be appropriate to examine the changes made in the project as a new project and not as an increase in capacity. Thereafter, IMM restarted the EIA process. The project file submitted by the IMM to the Istanbul Governor’s Office was reviewed, and the EIA process was resumed by August 5, 2022.

To serve 3.5 million population

New Metro Line as per information in the project file prepared by IMM Rail System Department; It will pass through the districts with the highest number of commuters, such as Kukukkemes, Avislar, Eisnert, Beilikduzu and Buyukkemes, which have a total population of about 3.5 million. When this line becomes operational, it will serve the approximately 3.5 million population living in the west of Istanbul and without any rail system transportation. The Sefaköy-Beylikdüzü-Tüyap rail system line will be the first metro line to be built by IMM in the western part of the city, where no investment has been made in terms of the rail system.

10 stations

The stations on the line, which consists of 10 stations with a total length of 17.89 km, were designated as “Sefkoy, Cenet, Kukukekmés, Recitpasa, Aviceler Márquez, Sihangir, Sadetdere, Beilikduzu, Yildirim Beyazit and Tuyap”. The total construction period of the project is estimated to be 4 years. The cost of the project was calculated as 9 billion 16 million TL.

It will reduce the load of Metrobus

With the integration of the line with the Yenikap-Ataturk Airport Light Metro Line, rail system transportation will be provided from the historic peninsula to Buyukkemes and Beikduzu. It is anticipated that this will make a major contribution in meeting the travel demands arising in the D-100 corridor and reduce the number of trips of tyre-wheeled vehicles. It is calculated that the Metro line, which is in the Metrobus corridor on the European side, will reduce the burden of Metrobus on the European side.

It will be integrated with Hijrai

The line will be integrated with the existing Halkli–Gebez Marmare line at Kukukekms, the Mahmutbey–Esenert extension line in Sadetdere, which is in the definitive project phase, and the Hijre project in Beilikduzu, which is in the final project phase. The entirety of the metro line planned to be constructed is the Insirli–Sefaköy–Belicduzu–Tuyap rail system line. The IMM has commissioned the Sefaköy–Beylikdüzü–Tüyap section, and the Ministry of Transport has undertaken the ncirli (Bakırköy)–Sefaköy section.

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