The dismissed officer gets bonus if he has 4/c service of 25 years.

In May 2021, I was dismissed from my job with a TAF order. I was acquitted, but the appeal process is still on. At the time of my dismissal, my term of service was more than 25 years. As per HITAP, I am eligible to get pension in March 2023. I have almost 1 year. By the way, I was told that if I work anywhere with SGK, I will not receive a pension bonus, is this true? Because of this I did not get a job anywhere, but I did not have the strength to bear it financially. I would be glad if you help. Muharram O.

I wrote a topic related to your question in the SÖZC dated March 15, 2022 with the title “Rewards opened for dismissed civil servants”. I think sharing summary information before answering your question will be helpful to many people in the same situation as you. For detailed information, it is possible to access the article in question on the website of SÖZC.

As per Section 89 of Retirement Funds Act No. 5434, in addition to 4/C (Retirement Fund) service, he works under other insurance like 4/A (SSK), 4/B (BAğ). -kur) and bank pension funds, and in order to be able to pay retirement bonuses to people for the period of their civil service combined with the period of service pension, it is necessary that they have employment in the civil service Labor Law No. 1475 terminated in accordance with the conditions of entitlement to severance pay specified in Article 14 of the

In this context, SSIs, who have been dismissed from civil service by decree and who have been dismissed from civil service for various reasons, who work in insurance conditions other than 4/c (eg 4/a, 4/b, Bank Pension Fund) and whose service period is combined and pension is paid for their civil service period. He did not pay the bonus.

Since the matter was brought to the judiciary and the decision of the judiciary on the need to pay bonus to those whose service in the Pension Fund alone is sufficient for their pension, the SGK Board of Directors decided that the date of the end of their civil service In , the pension will be given alone for the period of service within the purview of 4/c. It has decided to pay retirement bonus to those who are good enough for the job (20 years for women and 25 years for men), even if they have been overruled by decree-law or due to various reasons. has been terminated.

In accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors of SGK dated January 6, 2022, those whose civil service was terminated on combined service terms after January 6, 2022 by reason of dismissal, dismissal from public service or ex-officio retirement;

Those who have retired from 4/c status or have been granted invalidity pension, whose total civil service period up to the date of completion of their civil service is sufficient for their pension only,

For those who have been granted 4/a or 4/b status or old age or invalidity pension from private bank pension funds, the sum of their service periods within the purview of 4/c as on the date of their civil service, September 9, Started working before 1999, and at least 20 if female, and at least 20 if male. Retirement bonus will be paid to those who are at least 25 years old. The condition that their employment has been terminated in accordance with the conditions of eligibility for severance pay will not be sought.

In this context, if your period of service was less than 25 years on the date of your dismissal from civil service within the purview of 4/c and if you served under 4/a it was not sufficient for you to pay. Or 4/b, you will not be paid the retirement bonus.

Your period of service under 4/c is more than 25 years as on the date of your dismissal from civil service and that is sufficient to get pension. Regardless of whether you serve under 4/A or 4/B from now on, a retirement bonus must be paid for your civil service period.

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