The Curious Little Dog: Tale Of Fate

The curious little dog: a tale of fate

The story of the curious little dog begins in the middle of a forest. There, hidden among the vegetation, there was an abandoned house, the threshold of which no one seemed to have crossed for years. A little dog that passed by did not have the courage to approach and enter for fear of finding something unknown.

However, a hint of curiosity remained in him that prompted him to return  the following day, getting closer to the house, but always without finding the courage to enter. Suddenly the sun began to warm and the temperatures became unbearable, and the little dog realized he needed a place to shelter from the powerful rays.

After a few moments of hesitation, he decided to enter. The place was completely uninhabited. “Hello!” said the little dog, but received no answer. He saw a ladder in a corner and decided to approach and, seeing no one, he climbed with great caution. It was then that the story of the curious little dog changed completely.

The curious little dog: an unexpected tale

When he reached the top of the stairs, the little dog found himself in front of a large hall . Entering, with amazement, he found something he had not expected: the hall was inhabited by hundreds of little dogs like him, all with a curious look.

Dog with raised paw

The curious little dog was filled with happiness. His fellows seemed very friendly, so he decided to raise his paw in greeting. Everyone answered him instantly. The little dog barked as a sign of friendship. The others barked in chorus. “What a beautiful place!” thought the little dog, “I’ll be back soon!”.

Days passed and this time another little dog arrived near the house. This was different, more fearful and suspicious. At first he behaved like the previous one: he saw the house and did not dare to go near it. So much was his fear that he decided to keep his distance.

Same place, different encounter

The second little dog noticed that around the house was full of pleasant places to stay. Each time he returned, therefore, he kept a safe distance from the abandoned house. One day, however, a torrential downpour came down which gave him no alternative : he had to enter.

Dog in the rain

Like the first dog, he entered through a hole which he dug. Once inside, he scanned the interior carefully. In a corner, he saw the stairs but did not approach.  Time passed and he began to feel cold, and then he thought that maybe it would be a little warmer upstairs. So it was that he took courage and went up the stairs.

Once at the top, he peered out and got the impression that the place was uninhabited. On entering, however, he realized that it was actually inhabited by hundreds of little dogs like him. He immediately stood at attention, ready to attack. The other dogs did the same. He barked aggressively, and the others responded the same way. As soon as he could, he quickly ran away, “I’ll never come back,” he said to himself, “what a scary place!”

He left so quickly that he didn’t notice an old sign hanging in the apartment that appeared to be a notice. It bore an inscription that said: House of mirrors. Neither the first dog nor the second had noticed that they had seen nothing but the reflection of their own image.

What the story of the curious little dog teaches us

The story of the curious little dog shows us a reality that too often goes unnoticed. What we see in others is essentially a reflection of ourselves. We receive from others something similar to what we give them. Those who relate to the world in a loving way receive kindness. Whoever does it aggressively is paid off with the same coin.

We humans come into the world with a great sense of sociability built into us. We were born to be in a group. It is part of our biological and cultural constitution. We may be more selfish than others, but the group is a permanent constant on the horizon of every human being. For this reason, other people are an inevitable reference, and end up having the same function as the “house of mirrors” . What we see in them is closely related to the way we see ourselves, just like our curious little dog does.

When we have difficulty in approaching the world, we should question ourselves first of all. Is the world wrong? Or maybe we don’t emanate enough positivity in our relationship with others? The story of the curious little dog leads us to ask ourselves this very question.

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