The captain who jumped into the sea to save the fishing rod dies

52-year-old Mehmet Tunak, who sailed from the bay of the village of Guvrsinlik in the Bodrum district of Musala, anchored his boat off the shores of Salih Island, fishing for amateur fishermen named Arslanbe.

jumped into the sea to save the fitted fingering

Tunak jumped into the sea to save the fishing rod after one of the customers’ fishing rods was attached to the bottom. While trying to save the fishing rod, Tunkey fell ill.

Jumping into the sea, the people on the boat brought Tunke by boat to the village of Guversinlik and handed him over to the medical team. It was said that Tunk, who was taken by ambulance to Bodrum State Hospital, could not be saved and died.

last post attracted attention

While Tunke’s body was sent to the Muala Forensic Medicine Institute for post-mortem, he wrote on his social media account yesterday that “Man is born alone. It lives with many people. We beg, when the day comes.” ‘Let’s make today’s day’ and his relatives were upset.

It was said that Tunak’s body would be buried in his hometown of Dalaman.

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