The Broken Vase: Hindu History To Look Inside

The broken vase: Hindu history to look inside

The Broken Vase is the story of a farmer who made a living by selling water at the market.  It had ten jugs. Every day, very early in the morning, he would put a rod on his back. At each end, he hung a vase, walked to the well and then to the center of the village. However, among these vessels there was one broken.

Curiously, this hard worker always took the broken vase to make the first trip  of his day. He carried it, along with another vase in perfect condition, to the well where the water was located. He patiently took the liquid and then carried it for more than two kilometers.

As one would expect,  once it arrived at the market, the broken pot had already lost much of the water it contained . Thus, the farmer could earn only half  of what he had agreed to for the load contained therein. On the contrary, the good pot came overflowing and allowed him to earn the entire sum.

The shame of the broken vase 

Soon the other vessels began to comment on that situation among themselves. They did not explain why the man still kept the broken vase, as it made him lose money every day. They didn’t even understand why he always took him on the first journey of his daily journey.

The broken vase

On the other hand,  the broken vase began to feel shame. He had accompanied the farmer for the past ten years and had a high regard for him. He felt bad at the idea of ​​just being in his way. And he didn’t even understand why he hadn’t thrown it away.

He remembered the times when he too was a wonderful vase, very useful to his master. He didn’t have a single flaw. He was one of the strongest in this daily hard work. However,  one day the farmer tripped. It was then that the vase broke and was partially unusable. Some time had passed since this event and the man had not yet freed himself from it.

The path of water

The farmer used to do something that attracted the attention of the broken vase and the other vases. At certain times, during his daily journey to the well with the empty containers, the man put his hand in his pocket and scattered something along the way. Nobody knew what it was.

Then, for a while, the farmer would stop carrying this something in his pocket and throwing it as he walked. Then it would  start again, but on the opposite side of the path. All the vases were intrigued by this habit, but since it wasn’t something he did all the time, they soon forgot about it and their curiosity vanished.

Heart shaped water drop

Conversations between the new vessels tormented the broken vessel. To be sure, he was sorry that he was not very useful and that he was causing harm to whoever had bought and cared for it for so long. So, without thinking further, he decided to talk to the farmer to throw it away.

The broken vase: a good moral

One evening, when the farmer was already getting ready to go to sleep, I called the broken pot and told him he needed to talk to him. The man made himself available to listen to him, very attentive to what he wanted to say. The vase, without too many preambles, told him what he thought. He knew he was esteemed by the farmer, but he was not used to being useless. He didn’t want her to keep it out of sheer  compassion. What he had to do was throw it  in the trash and put an end to that situation once and for all.

The farmer smiled at those words. He told him that he had never thought of throwing it away because it was really useful to him. “Useful?” Asked the vase. How could it be useful if it only made him lose money every day. The man told him to take it easy and that the next day he would show him why he was so valuable. The broken vase almost failed to sleep.

Wheat field

The next day, the farmer said to him: “I ask you to please observe everything on both sides of the path to the well.” The vase, therefore, was very careful. He looked from both sides, but saw nothing but a beautiful path full of flowers  that were about to bloom . When they reached the well, he told the farmer that he had seen nothing that could give him an answer.

The man looked at him affectionately and said, “Since you broke up, I have thought about the best way to use you and keep you useful. So, I decided to sow some seeds along the path sometime. Thanks to you I was able to water them every day. And thanks to you when everything blooms, I will be able to pick the plants and sell them on the market for a price higher than that of water ”. The broken vase understood then what his beautiful mission was.

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