The Body Is The Best Means Of Communication: Do You Know How To Train It?

The body is the best means of communication: do you know how to train it?

Not only our face transmits emotions. A glance to the right, raised eyebrows say as much as a person sitting with crossed arms and legs. People are an aggregate of non-verbal communication, which we often forget about. 

Sometimes, we try to hide our emotions and feelings without realizing that our hands or the inclination of our body clearly indicate what is going through our head at a given moment.

Fear, anxiety, doubts, mistrust … are sometimes aspects that we do not want to show and that, however, our body transmits in an involuntary way. How can you avoid it? How to train and understand body communication? We explain it to you below.

 Learn to decipher your body’s communication

In order for our “oral” messages to be effective, they must correspond to those of the body.  Surely it will have happened to you at times: you want to convey confidence during a job interview, but your hands begin to shake or cross your hands and legs involuntarily, assuming a defensive attitude. Our body is a powerful means of communication with respect to our character and our emotions. Becoming aware of this language is essential as it will allow us to know ourselves better, as well as gaining greater confidence when we interact with other people.  

 1. The space

Each of us has our own body zone. A kind of comfort zone. There are those who keep their distance when interacting with others, when expressing themselves with their hands, with movements.  

Others, on the other hand, overcome those distances and seek the closeness of others, something that at times – and depending on the type of culture – can be welcomed or seen as an annoying gesture. Introverted people, for example, always keep their distance, unlike extroverted ones.


2. The hands

Hands are the best means of communicating our emotions and feelings. This too is often associated with culture. For example, Westerners are usually more expressive with their hands than Easterners. However, we must specify something about the movements of the hands:

-The particularly marked movements with the hands are typical of people who sometimes have difficulty in expressing their ideas verbally or who have difficulty in making themselves understood. They usually try to express with their hands what they cannot say in words. For this reason they gesticulate excessively.

Try to observe yourself in front of a mirror when you try to explain something to understand if it is the case for you. Always use your hands in a balanced way, do not overuse them or you will show insecurity.

-When you shake someone’s hand, do it firmly and forcefully, it will help you feel more confident about yourself.

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3.The eyes

The eyes are mirrors that reflect the smallest characteristics of ourselves. They are the most sincere part of our body, they are excellent seducers, they transmit fear, satisfaction, sympathy, openness … 

According to experts, the best way to attract attention and respect the person we observe at the same time is to look at them for a moment in the eye, divert their gaze and then look at the person again. In this way we respect the intimacy of the other, but at the same time we offer them security. It is a foolproof technique when trying to seduce someone who attracts us, for example.

When you are having a serious conversation, however, never look sideways or you will give the impression that you are hiding something or that you are lying.


4. The posture

The posture of the back says a lot about us. If you keep it straight and with stiff shoulders, you will show a certain hardness and inflexibility. If, on the other hand, you lean your torso forward or cross your arms and lean sideways, you will demonstrate a certain passivity.

You must also be careful with the way you sit in a chair, if you cross your legs and arms you will transmit insecurity or the need to defend yourself from others. Furthermore, if you sit on the edge of the chair, you will transmit nervousness.

The best way to sit back and let yourself go to some tranquility. If you are used to crossing your legs, that’s fine, but remember not to cross your arms too, let them relax on your lap or armrest. Don’t lean forward.


There are people who, when they sit down, begin to move a leg excessively. Sometimes it is a nervous tic, characteristic of nervous people. Try to control yourself if this is your case, you will transmit more tranquility and more pleasant. 

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