The Benefits Of Keeping A Journal

The benefits of keeping a journal

Whenever we think of a diary, adolescence comes to mind, frustrated loves and a thousand emotions imprinted on notebooks with padlocks that years later will be read with nostalgia. Without a doubt, a diary is an invaluable and very important weapon that not only helps keep memories alive, but also helps maintain excellent mental health. The diaries have returned from the trunk of memories to become a powerful tool to deepen our life and pave a better path towards the future.


Having a diary: benefits for life

A journal will help you have a routine, it is a great exercise to sit down every day and write down your thoughts or feelings without worrying whether it is a paragraph or many pages, as well as helping your writing and mental organization skills, it will in order your thoughts.

It is also a very productive way to spend time. We often prefer to do less profitable things, such as watching an unimportant program, but investing some of your free time in thinking about yourself and what you think is undoubtedly very productive and in the long run will give you benefits in terms of discipline. and self-reflection.

We talk about self-reflection because  the time you take up writing your diary is a time just for you, during which you can be with yourself and be free to write. This too will give you a great perspective to rethink past moments that you can now relive with new eyes.

It is also a perfect excuse to let creativity fly. A diary doesn’t have to be traditional, you can draw, write songs or a comic, even present it to the world on a blog, there are no limits to everything you can do, for this reason you can be extremely creative and let your ideas out. better and shape them, they can always turn into something more.

Having a diary: benefits for the soul

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of keeping a journal is for your soul and your peace of mind, it is very important because it gives you the ability to process events that have been important to you and that you may not have considered as such. Processing what happened is very important to heal and often we can’t just trust our memories, having something written will always bring new light to our ideas.

It is also one of the most effective ways of clarifying your ideas, after a very difficult or emotionally charged day there is nothing better than sitting down and writing everything down to put in order the disordered thoughts and, above all, to connect with ourselves and extend our emotions. Writing down how we feel can calm us down and make us better understand what’s going on and make us feel less confused.

Finally, a diary is a good way of documenting the important things in life, recording meaningful lessons that we often forget. It is also a good idea to write down important questions for which you may not have an answer now, but in the near or distant future you will be able to answer and ultimately draw the thread of your story.

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