The Art Of Being Yourself, Without Harming Others

The art of being yourself, without harming others

Being yourself is complicated, but being so without harming the people around us is even more complicated.  In fact, generally, acting as we see fit and want can cause us various problems or, at least, some difficulties.

Well, this does not mean that we must yield to the will of others, but that we must allow ourselves to contemplate life more calmly, analyze what others expect from us and what we expect from others. This will naturally shape our reality and our attitude.

Already in ancient Greece it was said “know yourself”. Doing so will guarantee you the possibility of living without limits and barriers. Even if others want to change something in you, you need to be clear about what you are willing to change, and what you are not.

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We meet our destiny on the path taken to avoid it 

As we have said, it is not easy to collide with the expectations and needs of others. For this reason, we usually do not take certain paths, because we think that, by doing so, we could harm the people around us.

What we don’t realize is that with those little details we abandon ourselves and hurt ourselves, giving up being ourselves. Of course we could get callus, but in the long run, we can walk without fear.

When we make these decisions we must think that the lies we tell harm us as much as the ones we live. That is to say, if we start believing in some values, we must start behaving accordingly.

The harsh reality of self-deception and lack of authenticity

Being yourself is an art for which there are no manuals or secret formulas,  since it resides exclusively in the essence of each of us. It is natural for us to find it difficult to show ourselves exactly as we are, as they have indoctrinated us to repress our feelings and emotions.

The idea is that we shouldn’t be persuaded by what others want from us.  If we succeed in this, we will be very close to achieving full and satisfying well-being. Keeping our self-esteem high and showing ourselves exactly for who we are leads us not to please everyone, but it will lead us to establish healthy, true, sincere and pure relationships.

Being authentic will help us keep away from untruth,  leading us to be ourselves at all times, which in turn will help us not to lack the self-love we owe to ourselves.

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A message to work on self-love

To conclude, let us recall this oration by Fritz Perls, which makes us understand perfectly how we should love and behave towards others. It is  good to always take these words into account, so, in times of need, they can be of great help and fill us with strength.

I am me. You are you.

I am not in the world to meet your expectations.

You are not in the world to meet my expectations.

You are you. I am me.

If at some time or point we meet,

it will be wonderful;

otherwise, it will not be possible to remedy.

I lack love for myself when, in order to please you, I betray myself.

I lack love for you when I try to make you the way I want,

instead of accepting yourself for who you really are.

You are you, and I am me.

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