The accident in which the vacuum truck and the pickup truck collided, in which 6 people were injured, is caught on camera

The accident happened at around 14.00 at Koram Ring Road Science Spreading Junction.

19 TS 146 plate pick-up trucks under the direction of Ali Osman Bekdemir collided with 19 TA 063 plate vacuum trucks belonging to the Korum Municipality operated by Mehmet Sen.

injured hospitalized

Muhammad Ilham, Murat Sur, Yasin Irmak and Busra zdemir were injured in this accident with the drivers. Police and paramedics were sent to the accident site. The injured were taken by ambulance to the Hittite University Errol Olcock Training and Research Hospital.

During this the accident was clearly visible in the security cameras. It is seen in the pictures that the pickup truck was going from the side road to the main road and collided with the vacuum truck, while 1 person fell on the road from the vehicles. (DHA)

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