Terrible Moment: He Messed Up With His Donner Knife

The incident took place in the evening at Esenyurt Fatih Mahallesi Bahseyolu Street. Reportedly, the Selami . After consuming the intoxicant, he went out into the street with a rotating knife.

While the person taking off the shirt was threatening the environment with a donor knife in his hand, he kept injuring himself from time to time with a knife in the other hand. Medical team and police team were sent to the spot. The police team that reached the spot ensured the security of the perimeter and started the work of convincing the angry youth.

Selami asked the police teams and civilians to stay away from him by waving knives. After an hour’s effort, the team took the youth into custody. The lively minutes were reflected in the mobile phone cameras of nearby citizens. (UAV)

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