Take Your Time, But Above All Love

Take your time, but above all love

We spend our days living out of time, without even taking a few minutes to know how we are. Emotional ignorance can be a survival exercise that saves us at a certain moment,  but an unhealthy habit if we want to feel good. To face this temptation, there is no better remedy than to dedicate quality time to ourselves; that time that smells of glory and leaves a sweet aftertaste in the mouth.

One of the best ingredients to do this is to give ourselves small doses of daily love.  Thanks to them, we will begin to connect with our inner self or, put it another way, our inner self will reveal itself, allowing us to analyze it. Below, we explain how to do it.

Learn to treat yourself to doses of love

We offer love to others almost every day, but we have the bad habit of forgetting to do the same to us. However, there is no better support for building happy relationships and getting closer to well-being than working on our self-love. Can you imagine a better investment?

Giving ourselves small doses of love promotes healthy self-esteem,  which can be defined as the positive attitude towards ourselves and which leads us to think, feel and act in the most self-satisfying way possible. If we want to preserve this attitude, we must:

– Know ourselves.  This first aspect is fundamental. Each of us is a limited edition. Knowing our qualities and our defects will allow us to know what we need to invest more attention and effort on. Furthermore, we cannot forget that we are constantly changing, so we will never stop discovering new things about ourselves.

-Accept us unconditionally.  Accepting us implies recognizing ourselves and doing it unconditionally means doing it despite the limitations and circumstances. There is nothing worse than turning into our worst enemies; think that in this case we will be the ones to impose ourselves and sign our worst sentences. 

-Respect us and value us positively.  The greatest support we can get will always be ours if we respect each other. For this, it is very important to remind ourselves that we are not only the collection of our failures, but also of our achievements. If we have to criticize ourselves, let’s do it constructively. We have achieved more than we thought …   

-Consider our full potential.  Beyond what we have achieved, there are countless possibilities that must never be discarded. We are constantly changing subjects, so learning to direct ourselves through our potentials will be of great help. There must be a reason why the saying “you never stop learning” is so famous …

-Build satisfying relationships.  Maintaining healthy relationships with others helps us create positive habits and infect happiness. There is nothing better than being with people who bring us a feeling of calm and serenity and who give us positive vibes. 

– Seeking your own well-being.  Focusing on how to be happy is key, but don’t forget that sometimes it’s better to put off short-term rewards in favor of long-term ones. In this case, happiness passes through balance and from choosing intelligently according to the moment and circumstances.    

-To meet your own needs.  It is impossible to feel good without meeting your needs, both physical and psychological. For this, we will have to stop for a moment and reflect on how we are.

Investing quality time

Once we have learned to love ourselves, we will be able to invest quality time not only on ourselves, but also on others. Because the minutes in which we are present are worth more than the millions of hours in which we are absent and disconnected from ourselves.   

For this,  we can start by setting aside a moment a day to analyze ourselves. Asking ourselves how we are, if we have taken the right path to reach our goals or if we need a little rest to disconnect from the murmur of thoughts that flow in our mind. The question is to take the time to enjoy calm and relaxation.

Deep breathing is an exercise that can help us.  The goal is simple: try to breathe 10 times a minute. It may be difficult at first, because we are used to doing it 16 or 17 times a minute, but with practice we will succeed. Furthermore, the habit of deep breathing will help us focus on the present and not bury it under a sea of ​​constant worries.

Another option is to set aside some time each week to do something we enjoy  and enjoy. In this way, we will not only have fun, but we will show affection through the attention and care we give ourselves.

Finally, we cannot forget that dedicating time means dedicating life, and if we don’t do it with us, we can’t do it with others either. In this sense, the first step will be to learn to love ourselves. Let us give ourselves love in a time that we dedicate only to ourselves, as this will allow us to offer the best of ourselves to others.

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