Super League starts the 2022 2023 season! Here are the championship favorites…

Break ends in Super League, resumes after 75 days The excitement will begin with a kickoff by eventual champions Trabzonspor alongside Istanbulspor, the new team of the 38-week Marathon League. The 65th season of the Super League will see a different calendar as the World Cup will be held in winter. The league will be suspended on November 13.

This will count as halftime. The second half of the season will continue on 23-24-25 December with the matches of the 15th week. Matches for the 16th, 17th and 22nd weeks will be played during the week. Each week one team will go ‘by’. This session will end on May 28, 2023.

reserve league starts

Team surplus in the Super League will end this season once the charges are dropped due to the pandemic. The league will start with 19 teams and the last four teams will be relegated. With the arrival of three teams from the TFF 1st League, the 2023–24 season will again be played with 18 teams. Teams can have a maximum of 14 players who are not eligible for the A national team in their 28-man squad.

8 of them can be on the field at the same time. Reserve league will be implemented in this season. Teams will be able to use their players who are not getting a place in the A team.


dda announces championship rates. Fenerbahce, the final league runner-up with Trabzonspor, was shown as the favourite, with odds of 3.00. Beikta followed them with a ratio of 5.50, while Galatasaray scored 6.50, Basakir scored 9.00 and Konyaspor 15.00.

4 teams for Europe

With Turkey reaching 20th place in the UEFA coefficient rankings, the number of teams going to the European Cup at the end of this season has come down to four. The league champion will play at least three qualifiers to qualify for the Champions League. The second and third conferences will go to the league’s second qualifying round. The Turkish Cup Champions Conference League will also compete.

Old Wolf Jesus, Youth Fire FAIOLI

The oldest coach of the Super Liga, Fenerbahçe head Jorge Jesus: 68 The youngest coach is Francesco Farioli, 33-year-old coach of Kargumaruk.

istanbul stamp

This season the 19 teams competing in the Super League will represent 11 different cities. Istanbul is the leader of the representation with 8 teams. There are also two teams from Antalya. Adana, Ankara, Gaziantep, Girsan, Hatay, Kaseri, Konya, Sivas and Trabzon will appear in the league with one team each.

transfer period

The first transfer and registration period in football will begin on June 17 and end on September 8. The second transfer and registration period, called interim transfer, will begin on January 12, 2023 and end on February 8, 2023.

best and first

Fenerbahçe is the first champion (1959), Fenerbahçe is the team that has collected the most points in 2122 league games with 3701 points. Fenerbahçe is the team with the most wins with 1206 victories. Fenerbahçe is the team with the highest number of goals scored with 3758. Galatasaray is the team that has experienced the most leadership with a total of 563 weeks. Galatasaray is the team that won the most championships in a row between 1996–2000 with 4 championships. Besiktas, the only undefeated champion (1991–92). Beikta is the team that scored the most victories with a 10–0 win against Adana Demirspor. Galatasaray, who defeated Beikta by 12 points in 1988–89, is the team that became the reigning champion. Fenerbahçe is the champion reaching the highest score in the championship with 93 points in 1988–89. Trabzonspor is the first champion to take the championship outside Istanbul. aip2(‘pageStructure’, { “pageType”: “other”, “pagecategory”: “soscu”, “pageIdentifier”: “”}, ‘ xml’ );var aip2_pageCategory = “Speaker”;

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