Stop Talking And Start Acting!

Stop talking and start taking action!

Talking is easy, but acting is not always easy, we have heard it said thousands of times. We all have something in life that we would like to realize, a dream to fulfill or a project to undertake which, however, has been relegated to a few words to the wind, without becoming anything concrete.

For this reason, it is important to never leave the dreams that you want to achieve in the drawer. If you really have a project that you want to complete in life, don’t let it stand still or get interrupted: it will eventually go up in smoke and represent only more frustration, leaving a wound in the soul, mind and heart.

The words take away the wind

The words take away the wind. You can repeat a hundred times that you will accomplish the greatest project of your life, but if you do nothing, if you don’t act, it will never come true. Action must be taken if you want words to turn into deeds.

The sacrifice of those who have the courage to take risks and not stop at words is the only one that will bear fruit. Do not think that the game is not worth the candle because it is too tiring: along the way, you will reach many small goals that will fill you with satisfaction, until you reach the final goal. Do not stand still, with your gaze lost on the horizon, while you talk nonsense and wait for everything to happen by itself, because it will never happen.

Those who don’t act never make mistakes, but they don’t even win

Whoever limits himself to talking about his great projects without ever doing anything, trapped in his misfortune and in his immobility, will never be wrong, but he will not triumph either. Because nothing comes by chance, but everything requires effort.

Even though some great geniuses like Isaac Newton made extraordinary discoveries almost by accident, they did not become pillars of science by standing around and waiting. They talked, but also worked, risked and studied. They were prepared. Even though success came when they least expected it, they were able to see it, exploit it and spread it. Someone else would have passed in front of the eyes unnoticed, without being able to catch it.

Start without repenting

When we decide to start something, there may come a time when we regret our choice. It is a difficult phase, in which we think it would have been better to do nothing, to avoid making mistakes and suffering. Yet the rewards of the brave are far greater than those of the cowards.

Inactivity and immobility, in fact, bring nothing but fear. Always living in seclusion, escaping from what seems bigger than us, will bring us neither greatness nor happiness, and it will not make us proud of having achieved our goal.

As Boccaccio said, repentance for doing nothing is much greater than that caused by a mistake. If you’re wrong, at least you’ll know you’ve tried. You will have worked hard to achieve a benefit or goal. If you don’t try, you will keep wondering what would have happened if you did.

speak and act 3

Never get stuck even before you start. Don’t allow yourself to find yourself one day talking about your big ideas without putting any of them into practice, because you will just feel sad and frustrated. Don’t let fear paralyze you and stop you from enjoying life to the fullest.

You think that the opportunities are right there, in front of your eyes, but it is a path that only people who have the courage to try have access to. Those who act, who carry out their plans and do not limit themselves to talking about what could have been and was not, because they did not have the courage to try.

It is important to be courageous in this life. If you want your dreams to come true, you need to act, not talk. Do not listen to those who tell you that it is better to be cautious, because they are wrong and do not love you. Be courageous and go in search of what you want, because only in this way will you have a full and happy life.

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