Statements of parliamentarians in France against Turkey’s Syria operation

In France, 102 parliamentarians issued a joint statement declaring their opposition to a possible Turkish operation in northern Syria.

With the initiative of Senator Lawrence Cohen, statements targeting 102 lawmakers from various political groups, the president and AKP chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoan were titled “Erdogan’s war hysteria must be resisted”.

In a statement written by French lawmakers, it was claimed that the Turkish government was trying to gain Atlantic Coalition approval to intensify attacks in northern Syria, taking advantage of its position of playing a central role in NATO with the Ukraine war. has been ,

Erdogan announced that he wanted to create a 30 km deep safe zone along the southern borders and signaled for a new operation in the north of Syria. However, the US, Russia and Iran have so far opposed the operation on the grounds that it would destabilize the region.

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