SMA patient Eda . $1.8 million raised for

After the birth of her daughter Aidan, whom Hatice Bytekin had given birth to four years earlier, her physical activity saw a rapid slowdown. Little Ada, who couldn’t move her legs and couldn’t crawl, was taken to the hospital by her family.

Adaya was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type 1 disease, known as loose baby syndrome. In their research, the family learned that Aidan could be cured with a treatment implemented in Hungary, which had a success rate of 95 percent. The Bytekin family launched an aid campaign with the governor’s permission to cover the cost of treatment for 1 million 800 thousand dollars.

Campaign completed in 640 days

Thousands of civilians supported the aid operation, which spread like an avalanche across Turkey, especially in Ingol district. The 640-day campaign on social media by Anne Hatice Bytekin and Aidan’s Volunteer Mothers ended in the evening with the collection of $1 million 800 thousand needed for Aidan’s treatment.

Aidan’s family and fans, who learned the campaign was complete, gathered at the district center and celebrated. In the district center, the vehicle convoy team again celebrated the success by laughing on the road.

Hatice Baytekin, My daughter was battling a fatal muscle disease. Thanks to all who supported us. I hope to share my daughter’s health status with you as soon as possible. We cried a lot for 4 years. He said that God bless everyone. (DHA)

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