Secrets For Emotional Relief

Secrets for emotional relief

Life is full of changes and cycles with which we go through our life experiences with more or less intensity. A personal relationship, a job, friendships, time spent at home, in a city, etc. In this continuous flow of our existence, however, some variations can arise: what we thought was eternal and even irreplaceable, ends up changing or even getting lost.

Loving someone, whether it is our partner or a friend, supposes the consolidation of very close emotional ties from which it is difficult to detach. We can say the same about the love of work, the place where we raise a whole series of expectations and projects and where, at the same time, we find the sustenance of our life.

How to overcome these losses? They are endings that close cycles or flows in which we were involved. In those harmonic movements we found our calm and our happiness. How can we close this stage and emotionally disaffect ourselves?

Close a stage

Stopping living with a person, ending a friendship or a relationship, being forced to abandon our traditional lifestyle for whatever reason. All these events involve a series of very strong changes. Life is shaped by habits, traditions and all those little details that create great universes.

However, no universe is eternal, everything in this world changes and fluctuates. We are afraid, indeed we are even afraid of being afraid. The future presents itself to us as a narrow and dark tunnel in which we do not know how to find the direction or the path. Our habits and traditions with that person who is no longer at our side are no longer fulfilled. That work that forced us to get up every day is no longer there to define our duties and our times.

How to deal with all this? Emotions assault us in the form of fear, anxiety and immeasurable sadness. We even want to hide ourselves so as not to be seen and to remain aloof from that cycle that previously gave the rhythm to our life.

Solutions to deal with emotions

  1. First we must be clear that it is necessary to experience the suffering we are feeling: it is part of the change and the process. Our mind and body will need that introspective moment to reflect and process what happened. Suffering is part of human learning, we must not see it as something negative, because it is part of our nature and we must accept it as such. Sure, it’s temporary.
  2. We will try to live in the present, the “here and now”. This does not only mean accepting suffering, but also understanding that it is necessary to adapt to our reality as soon as possible. Breakup, loss and change are a thing of the past.

You must accept your sadness and emotional crisis, but also understand that the present is asking you to react and move, to take care of your current responsibilities and especially yourself. The days pass one after the other and you have to find your place to continue staying in that cycle, thanks to which you can recover your happiness, you deserve it. In this way you will accept the past and you will have enough energy to see yourself in good shape and self-confident.

  1. We must learn to manage emotions such as fear, anguish, guilt, anger … They are an integral part of the human being and it is good to feel and express them. Repressed emotions can never help us to overcome a certain stage, they will remain there within us, causing us pain and becoming dangerous for our health.

It is good to feel anger, anger, sadness; it is useful to suffer from them and cry for a short time, and then learn to manage and rationalize them. The newspaper will bring us new joys and, little by little, we will close the cycle of that past stage to start a new one . Life is worth living by accepting changes. Changing means learning, and life is a constant test in which we will be able to train day after day to find happiness.

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