Scientific research: Millions of covid patients may have long-term taste and smell problems

A new scientific research has been added to the corona virus, which has infected more than 578 million people worldwide and killed more than 6.3 million people.

In a study conducted at Imperial College London, England, it was proved that corona virus patients experience loss of smell and taste that lasts for at least 6 months.

While the scientists explained that 5.6 per cent of the Covid-19 survivors had problems with smell, it was determined that 4.4 per cent had problems with taste. The study also said that problems with taste and smell are more common in women who have had Kovid-19.

In research published in the BMJ, it was noted that the effects of the disease continued for months in 5 percent of the population, and also noted that there are more than 550 million people worldwide who have had COVID-19. With this calculation, it was reported that 15 million people worldwide have smell problems and 12 million people have taste problems.

The study also recorded that a woman who had COVID-19 said she had no sense of smell even after 27 months of infection.

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